Hindus Protest denigrating painting of M. F. Husain’s at London based V&A Museum exhibition

Namaste dear supporter of Hinduism,

We have received complaints from several Hindus about the exhibition of the Late M.F. Husain’s final paintings at the Victoria and Albert (V & A) Museum in London from 28th May to 27th July. Also, the V & A museum have arranged three more events of gallery talk and lunchtime lecture on M. F. Husain’s paintings on 12th June, 18th June and 10th July 2014.

Below are the links for the details of events :



M. F. Husain blatantly trampled upon the religious sensitivities of millions of Hindus by denigrating Hindus’ revered Deities through his many anti-Hindu paintings. Below is one such denigrating painting of his to be displayed at the V & A museum.


You can learn more about the late Husain’s paintings at:


One alert supporter of Hinduism promptly wrote to the V & A Museum, bringing to their attention the anti-Hindu nature of the paintings of the late Husain (Please see below the protest email sent to the organizers). However, there has been no response from the V & A Museum.

In light of this, we appeal to you to register your peaceful, but educative and prompt protest against the exhibition and lectures on late M. F. Husain and his paintings. Let us show our solidarity to the organizers by sending emails or calling them, asking them to remove the exhibition of the late M. F. Husain’s paintings.

V & A Museum’s exhibition venue details :


V&A South Kensington Cromwell Road London SW7 2RL Tel. + 44 (0) 20 7942 2000 (Monday-Friday 0900-17:30, excluding bank holidays)


Collections: Paintings, designs, photographs & prints at V&A

Tel: +44 (0)20 7942 2563


Devout Hindus should protest lawfully on following E-mail IDs :




You can also submit your comments on the below link :



Report any other denigration of Hindu Deities, Dharmik practices, and concepts to Forum for Hindu Awakening :



Source: Forum For Hindu Awakening