Hindus started ban on all Arab products to protest against Islamic terrorism

CocaColaFollowing the ban on Coke-Pepsi by Muslims in Mumbai to protest Israel-Gaza conflict, Hindus have started to ban all Arab products to protest against Islamic terrorism.

The protest starts yesterday when some VHP leader from Mumbai denied to ride in his car which run in petrol, imported from Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq. They are seeing this action as a protest against ongoing assaults by Islamic extremist groups like ISIS, Al Qaeda etc.

A huge confusion arose when certain Muslim leader tweeted that a part of electricity they use in mountain areas, like Sikkim, J&K, is produced by diesel power stations. Government of Sikkim is worrying a complete blackout as Buddhists joined hand with Hindu groups in a massive protest outside diesel power plants demanding a shutdown.This protest is not limited to Mumbai, it has quickly extended around the country. Today, in the early morning, thousands of people are found in streets of Kolkata waiting for “toto”, the battery run small vehicles as are denying to ride auto, bus and other transports which use petroleum fuels. Around 30 diesel trains are already cancelled today following a massive protest in several railway stations including Mumbai Central, New Delhi, Patna Jn. However, airliners are yet to suffer any impact of this protest.

This massive rejection is no more limited only to petroleum products. Dry-fruits market at Sadar Bazar, Old Delhi saw a decline in sell. Shops of INA market, New Delhi have also stopped selling dry-fruits to avoid any inconvenience.

People started rejecting restaurant which serves Arabian cuisine. Meanwhile starting from famous restaurant like Karim’s, Old Delhi to several small food joints in Nizamuddin saw lack of customers on the Friday night. An elder worker of Karim’s mentioned our correspondent that they are trying their hard to convince people that what they are serving in truly “Indian” existing for four generations now. Many small food joints in Nizamuddin are not expecting any improvement in sell till Eid on 29th July.

Modi Government is in a dilemma as usual and conflicting reports are coming about their stand on this issue. However the honourable home minister is likely to meet top officials of Ministry of Commerce & Industry and Ministry of Finance to discuss if there is a provision to import more oil from Venezuela and other non-Arab countries.

Source: Faking News