Hindus Urged To Focus On ‘SACRED’ Instead Of ‘EXTRAVAGANCE’ In Weddings

HinduHindu statesman Rajan Zed, concerned over the over-commercialization of Hindu weddings, has urged Hindus worldwide to bring back holiness and simplicity to weddings.

Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, stressed that vivah (marriage) was the most important sanskar (sacrament) for Hindus. Indulgence in lavish expenditures, self-promotion, image-consciousness, over extravagance and egocentrism should be kept out of these sacred moments.

Introduced by the sage Svetaketu in pre-BCE period, marriage in Hinduism was considered sacrosanct and the highest duty or dharma and was binding not only this life but in the life hereafter. Over-extravagance was diluting its seriousness, solemnity, purpose and purity; Rajan Zed noted.

We should go through the sacred rites of traditional Hindu marriage handed down to us by our forefathers with piety instead of plunging into grand displays, materialism, and outspending in competition with relatives-peers, Zed pointed out.

We needed to reset our priorities as love, dharma, commitment and sacredness were much more important as compared to venues, food, party and dresses. Did not moments of making lifelong commitment appear shallower amidst excessive showmanship? Rajan Zed asked.

Source: Eurasia Review