HJS’ demand to Goa CM : Stop screening ‘PK’ movie for hurting Hindus’ religious sentiments

pk_320_EngPanaji (Goa), 26th December – The movie ‘PK’, directed by Rajkumar Hirani that casts Amir Khan, hurts Hindu sentiments. In this film, Hindu traditions and religious rituals are being condemned. Thus, HJS has demanded to the Chief Minister of the State, through a memorandum, on 26th December to stop screening of the film ‘PK’ for hurting religious sentiments of Hindus.

The memorandum mentions that the story of this film supports ‘Love Jihad’ and a Pakistani Muslim youth has been glorified in it. Also, the film makes baseless allegations on Hindu Dharma and has insulted great Saints of Hindu Dharma, while it conveniently excludes Mullas, Maulavis and Christian Priests. The film also contains some expressions like, it is wrong to construct Lord Shiva and Sree Ram’s temple from the donations offered by devotees (Durgahs and Mosques have been excluded). It also shows that Hindu Saints are polluting the minds of Hindus against Muslims. A scene from the film shows the hero of the film going after a character in the role of Lord Shiva (God) and later God hides somewhere. This is ridiculous! The movie has many scenes that put forth the message that people who have faith in Hindu deities are foolish. Their faith in reality is actually fear! The memorandum also contains a demand that investigation should be made whether Pakistan has provided funding for the movie.

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Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti