HJS’ drive : Prevention of malpractices amidst Navaratri celebrations

hjshdrRequest to readers and devout Hindus !

In all over the country there are Mandals at various places celebrating festivals like Navaratri, Holi, Shiv Jayanti, Dahi-handi etc. It has been observed that Muslims are appointed as heads or members in some of the Mandals. Under the name of secularism, Hindus by birth are appointing Muslims on the Mandal committees. Have you ever heard that, any Hindu has been appointed as the head in any of the Muslim Festivals ?

Convey to Sanatan Prabhat’s office nearby, the names of those Mandals where Muslims are appointed as the head or member of any Mandal.

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HJS’ drive : Prevention of malpractices amidst Navaratri celebrations


Representation submitted by HJS to police and Administration for prevention of malpractices in celebrating Navaratri festival across Maharashtra !

Ashwin Shuklapaksha Ashtami, Kaliyug Varsha 5116

Immoral and profane acts during celebration of Navaratri festival lead to drawing wrath of Goddess. Celebration of festival started with the aim of unification, creating awareness amongst people and protection of culture is drifting on wrong path due to such malpractices inculcating wrong values in young generation. Members of festival committees should be explained the true aim behind such celebration and it should be celebrated in ideal manner. Representations were submitted to various authorities at Nanded, Karad and Nandurbar for stopping malpractices taking place during this festival.

Representation submitted to District Collector, Mayor and Police in Thane

Thane (Mumbai) – Celebration of Navaratri festival started with the aim of preservation of Indian culture, unity amongst people and Dharma-jagruti has gone off-track and many unwarranted practices have crept in such celebrations. Malpractices like collection of donation under intimidation, waste of money on unnecessary decorations, gambling and consuming alcohol in marquee, dancing with hideous gestures; teasing women; playing ‘dandiya’ on tune of film songs, sound pollution etc. are taking place destroying the sanctity of festival. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti submitted representation demanding to stop such malpractices so as to stop harm caused to nation, Dharma and society. Representation was submitted to Smt. Archana Kadam, Dy. District Collector of Thane district, mayor Sou. Kalyani Patil of Kalyan- Dombivali Municipal Corporation, Dy. mayor, Shri. Rajendra Sapte of Thane Municipal Corporation and different police stations at Dombivali, Ambernath, Badlapur, Kalwa, Rabodi, Vartaknagar, Srinagar, Wagale Estate and Kalyan etc. Several pro-Hindu activists from various pro-Hindu organizations and parties were present on the occasion viz. Shri. Aditya Deshmukh of ‘Hindu Rashtra Sena’, Shri. Manoj Surve of ‘Hindu Samrajya Sena’, Shri. Nilesh Tawade and Shri. Vipul Vichare, Shakha-chiefs of Shiv Sena, Shri. Janardan Kulkarni of RSS, devout Hindus like Shri. Sandip Vatsa, Shri. Sandip Pande and activists of HJS and Sanatan Sanstha.

Demands made through representation are –

1. Navaratri festival committees celebrating festival in traditional manner should be encouraged, sound/ decibel limit should be maintained during ‘Garba/ dandiya’ programs

2. Organizers of ‘dandiya’ programs should be made aware of ploy of love jihad of social miscreants so as to foil such attempts

3. Women police staff should be available for patrolling to help young women etc.

Representation submitted to Police and local Administration in Dhule

Pro-Hindu activists submitting memorandum to District Collector

Dhule (Maharashtra) – Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) submitted memorandum to the District Collector, Superintendent of Police and Municipal Corporation Commissioner on 24th September demanding action to prevent malpractices taking place during Navaratri festival. A joint meeting of these officials was also arranged in the office of District Collector’s office. The memorandum was accepted by District Collector, Shri. Annasaheb Misal. Dr. Yogesh Patil of ‘Yoga Vedanta Samiti’, and Shri. Vijay Ugrej and Shri. Pankaj Bagul of HJS were present on the occasion.

Representation submitted to Tehsildar and Police in Karad

Karad (Maharashtra) – Naib Tehsildar, Meenal Bhamare, taluka police and Karad city Police Inspector Shri. B. R. Patil were submitted representation by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) in the presence of Shri. Manohar Jadhav, Shri. Lakshman Pawar, Shri. Chintamani Parakhe, Sou. Vandana Jadhav of HJS, Sou. Neela Desai of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’, Shri. Vijay Chavan and Shri. Rupesh Mule of Sri Shiva-pratishthan Hindustan; besides Shri. Mehta, Shri. Maruti Ravate and Shri. Anil Kadave.

HJS mission will be successful !

PSI Shri. B. R. Patil said, “Activities of HJS are really commendable. We are cooperating with you as much as possible. HJS mission will be successful. Awareness created by HJS is making lot of change amongst people. You can call us whenever you feel the need.”

Representation submitted to District Collector and Superintendent of Police (SP) at Nandurbar


Nandurbar (Maharashtra) – On 22nd September, a representation was submitted by HJS to District Collector and SP Shri. Ramkumar, demanding curb on malpractices taking place due to lack of Dharma-shikshan amongst people, during celebration of Sri Durga Devi ‘Navaratri’ festival. Shri. Vanchale, Dy. District Collector accepted the representation on behalf of District Collector.


Nanded (Maharashtra) – Local Police inspector Vijay Kabade and resident District Collector Pradip Kulkarni was given representation in the presence of pro-Hindu activists.

Will other pro-Hindu organizations learn from HJS ?

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Guidance by HJS during meeting of Navaratri Festival Committees

Adilabad (Telangana), 23rd September – On Friday, 19th September, Police Department held meeting at Mahisha on the occasion of Navaratri Festival with various Navaratri Festival Committees. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) gave guidance on ideal way of celebrating this festival and efforts to be made to obtain maximum spiritual benefit by avoiding malpractices taking place during the festival. Office bearers of 30 Navaratri festival Committees attended the meeting.


1. Presidents of 2 Navaratri Festival Committees showed interest in exhibiting ‘Dharma-phalaks’.

2. Three committees invited HJS to give guidance on ‘Navaratri’ during the festival.

3. One police said that HJS should give such guidance in all meetings.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti