HJS Launches Petition Supporting Nepal to be Hindu Rastra


Establishing Hindu Rashtra


Unite to usher in a golden Hindu Rashtra in Nepal !

Nepal has, since times immemorial, been identified as a Vaidik Sanatan Hindu Rashtra in the form of a Devbhumi (Land of Deities), Shivabhumi (Land of Lord Shiva), Tapobhumi (Land of penance), Dnyanbhumi (Land of knowledge) and Gorakshabumi (Land of protection of cows) under the tenets of Lord Shri Pashupatinath. However, due to the anti-Hindu school of thought and anarchist tendencies of the leftists, Nepal lost its position as the world’s only Hindu Rashtra and was declared a ‘secular’ nation. Maoists and political parties, with majority of the members receiving funds from Christian countries have hatched a conspiracy to declare Nepal as a secular nation; but a final Constitution of Nepal is yet to be written. Due to this uncertain status of the Constitution, Hindus from Nepal still consider it as a Hindu nation. Read more…
How Hindu activists in Nepal are trying to declare it Hindu Rashtra ?

Source: WHN Media Network