HJS objects to Mesquita’s statement that ‘liquor is part of Goan culture’

hjshdrPANAJI: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has taken strong objection to BJP vice-president Wilfred Mesquita’s statement last week that “liquor is part of Goa’s culture.” The HJS has said it an irresponsible statement and an insult to Hindus. The HJS’s Goa state coordinator, Manoj V Solanki, in a press release, said “In Goa, 60% are Hindus and liquor is not part of Hindu culture. It is a sin in Hindu culture.” 

Justifying HJS’s stand on the issue, he said, since Mesquita said community culture is state culture he could have said it is a part of Christian culture. 

Poking holes in the statement of the BJP vice president, he said cow worship is part of Hindu culture and cow slaughter and eating cow is a sin in Hindu religion, “Why not cow worship and cow protection be called Goan culture and be enforced?” 

He said sentiments of the Hindus in Goa should be respected. Secondly, Goa which is known as ‘Parshurambhumi’, is already labeled as land of ‘wine, women and drugs.’ 

And the statement like ‘liquor is part of Goa’s culture’ will only reinforce a perverted image of Goa. The HJS also raises the question as to whether “we want an addiction-free India or want its people to get caught in the web of addiction.” 

Without saying in so-and-so words, HJS also argued for liquor prohibition in Goa. It said, when Gujarat can implement prohibition, why can’t Goa. When Kerala which is ranked fourth as tourist destination can afford to ban alcohol, what holds back Goa which is ranked lower than Kerala in terms of attracting tourists. 

Source: Times of India