HJS organizes campaign to ban loudspeakers in mosques in Thane

HJS organizes campaign to ban loudspeakers in mosques in ThaneMumbai: 470 Hindu organizations in Karnataka have demanded to ban Loudspeakers in Mosques where as Hindu Janjagruti Samiti is campaigning for the same in Thane district of Maharashtra.

On 24th May 2014 Hindu Janjagruti Samiti organized a protest/campaign to ban use of loudspeakers in Mosques. For this purpose they prepared many big hoardings calling Hindus to unite for the cause of banning loudspeakers in Mosques and asked them to gather outside Thane (W) railway station on Saturday 24th May 2014 between 5pm to 7 pm. During the program they also obtained signatures from the attendees below a memorandum which they later on served to the district police official.

The program was attended not only by the Hindu Janjagruti Samiti members but also by the leaders & members of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal units of Thane who uninterruptedly provoked people against the religious rituals of Muslims.

Mr. Ajay Sambhavat, spokesperson of Hindu Janjagruti Samiti incited the feelings of Hindus by saying that why were they not allowed running loudspeakers after 10 pm during Ganpati and Navratri when Muslims are allowed its use in their daily morning prayer. He was furious on police department and said that police are always sympathetic towards Muslims. He threatened them to stop use of loudspeakers in mosques or his organization will continue to raise the issue.

The Muslims living in Thane and Mumbra area of New Mumbai are frightened due to the timings of holding of such a program which come only a week after BJP won the Lok Sabha elections and therefore are very cautious of their security under BJP government.

Mr. Siraj Dongre, Senior Municipal Corporator from Mumbra said that India is a democratic country where every person has a right to practice his own religion and that Adhan remains only for couple of minutes and hence cannot be supposed to be causing harm to people. He added that Hindu Janjagruti Samiti and other saffron parties seek for an opportunity to disturbpeace and harmony prevailing in the society.

“When the Muslims don’t complain about the noise pollution created due to Hindus religious gatherings and programs then Hindus should also not make Muslim’s morning prayer adhan an issue”, said Mr. Ashraf Mulani , leader of Thane congress. He also added, “Such organizations who aim to disturb peace and harmony should be banned and not allowed to hold such programs which incite feelings of other community”.

It is pertinent to mention that the issue of nose pollution created due to religious programs came up many a times before high courts and supreme court but none of the court has expressly asked the police authority to ban use of loudspeakers for adhan proclamation from mosques but has only provided guidelines for maintenance of noise pollution emerging from religious places including mosques, temples, gurudwaras and churches.

Source: Two Circles.net