HJS submits representation to DC for release of Sadhvi Pragya on medical grounds

HJS members submitting representation to the District Collector

Mumbai : Sadhvi Pradnya Singh is suffering from cancer and may be released for getting medical treatment at home. The above request has been made by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) through a representation submitted to District Collector, Smt. Shaila A. HJS members viz. Dr. Uday Dhuri, Shri. Kartik Salunkhe, Shri. Ranganath Khot and Sou. Vidya Kamerkar submitted such representation. It has been stated in the representation that ‘Maharashtra anti-terrorist squad arrested Sadhvi Pradnya Singh 6 years back in connection with Malegaon bomb blast for her alleged involvement. She is a ‘Sadhvi’ who has sacrificed worldly life for serving people, nation and Dharma. Thus a virtuous woman, who has no desires or hatred towards anything, has been accused of being involved in terrorist activities and it is very painful and infuriating for Hindus.

The Government machinery has not been able to prove any accusations made against her in the past 6 years. If the Government wanted to do justice, the case could have been filed in fast-track Court to get verdict; but that was not done. She has been languishing in jail. A woman, who has no enmity with anyone, was even brutally attacked by her prison inmates and was seriously injured. She is suffering from an ailment like cancer and her condition is very serious.

It is known to all that a criminal like Sanjay Dutt, although proved as guilty in Court, is being released on parole every now and then only because he is an actor and a known personality. Criminals punished with death sentence are shown mercy and granted reduction in punishment. We, therefore, request the Government to consider her case sympathetically, on humanitarian grounds and release her immediately so that she can get medical treatment at home.’    

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat