HLC seeks intervention of Narendra Modi over atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh

08-1444297231-modi-digitalindiaSilchar, June 14: Hindu Legal Cell (HLC), Assam, has sought the intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the matter of atrocities being committed on Hindus in Bangladesh. Killing of Hindus in Bangladesh-particularly priests of temples, during the last few months has attained such a dimension that the members of HLC are constrained to bring the ghastly affair to the notice of the Prime Minister. Reports from Bangladesh bring into focus the various types of direct and indirect torture on Hindus and other minorities that it cannot but raise certain questions about the motive of the nefarious elements and their dubious design.

The pattern behind such atrocities makes it clear that it is aimed at creating fear-psychosis among the Hindus and make them desert their hearths and homes. It is no better than ‘ethnic cleansing’. The gruesome incidents which are being reported in the local media have led to widespread resentment which can hardly be missed. It is the considered opinion of the Hindu Legal Cell that the Government of Bangladesh has not been active enough to protect the life and property of the Hindus and other minorities like Buddhists and Christians.

Series of murders of secularists, bloggers and others raising their voice against Islamic extremism have been targeted and done to death. As the situation in Bangladesh is turning grave with its wide ramification, Hindu Legal Cell impresses upon the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to exercise his good offices and prevail over Bangladesh Government not only to take proactive measures but also ensure the safety and security of the minorities. In view of the fact that apprehending violence and threat to their life, Hindus are preparing to leave Bangladesh and seek shelter in this country.

It is the appeal of the Hindu Legal Cell to allow the victims of religious persecution to enter India when the exigencies of circumstances warrant. The deadline of December 31, 2014 as has been set in the Notification should be relaxed. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was approached through a memorandum addressed to him and submitted through the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar on Monday. The memorandum was signed by 56 members of Hindu Legal Cell of Cachar district including advocates. Along with Dharmananda Deb, convener, others present included Ranju Deb, president, Ratnangkoor Bhattacharjee, vice-president, Dilip Kumar Das, publicity secretary, Prasantha Das, executive member, Joybashi Das, member, of Hindu Legal Cell.

Source: The Sentinel