Holi Celebration Brings Splash of Color to Campus

TEXAS, March 4, 2018 (The Battalion): Despite a short rain shower, students held Holi 2018 on Simpson Drill field last Sunday. Holi is a Hindu spring festival of colors which celebrates and welcomes all people. Samosas, a traditional Indian snack, were given out for attendees to enjoy, and music blasted through campus. The Indian Graduate Student Association (IGSA), India Association (IA) and Hindu Students Association (HSA) worked together to host Holi. On a campus full of traditions, all were invited to celebrate one from the other side of the world.

Hemik Parikh, industrial engineering graduate student, is the vice president of public relations for ISGA and has celebrated Holi in India since he was 15 years old. “There are two parts of Holi basically in India,” Parikh said. “On the day before we celebrate the color festival, we have a whole huge bonfire and it is a religious resemblance, and we actually light the fire as a way to ask the Gods to be with us. And on the second day, a new season begins and we start celebrating with the color festivals.” Though he has participated in the festival for years, Parikh said his favorite Holi celebration has been during his time at A&M. “It brings diversity into the picture and we are blessed that we can do something like this at Texas A&M,” Parikh said.

Source: thebatt.com