How Bollywood Visa To A Pakistani Artist Sponsors Killing Of 20 Indian Soldiers


“One Cocaine injection buys a 01 bullet against an Indian solider” John Abraham said in Bollywood Movie. By this statement he means that when Indians youngsters buy drugs such as Cocaine, Heroin and Marijuana from peddlers, who get it mainly from Pakistan based D Company syndicate, they are indirectly buying bullets against Indian soldiers. This is because D Company pays ISI – Pak Intelligence Org. a 25% profit share for shelter and security & ISI pay terror organizations like LeT, Hizbul, JeM for killing Indian soldiers and civilians.

ISI sponsors many direct and proxy projects against India like Drugs, Fake Currency, Arms smuggling,
Love Jihad, Terror attacks, bomb blasts, murders and extortion – each having a project manager. Dawood Ibrahim is the project manager for extortion, selective murders, drugs, internal bomb blasts etc. One key project under his stewardship is promotion & employment of Pakistani actors in Bollywood – A 10000 crore ($2 Billion) Art, Music & Movie industry.

As per the talks by renowned intellectual Dr. Subramanium Swamy – Bollywood most finances and profits are controlled by D Company. Actors have to pay “Hafta” – A Goodwill money to a list of selective NGO’s and individuals which route
money to Pakistan via. Hawala (Illegal monetary transactions). While revenues from offshore lands goes directly into Pakistan as most promoters and distributors in West Asia, Europe and Americas are syndicated with ISI network, revenues from India recently into Pakistan nowadays is a big problem as Govt. of India has tighter norms, technology and international trade treaties compliances are tighter and inter country transactions can be tracked.

With US and European Union intelligence agencies tracking such Hawala operators and’ source’ country, not only the Hawala operators, but also the con companies, NGO’s and the investors (Bollywood actors) are scared of being penalized and prosecuted by foreign and Indian agencies. Most Bollywood actors, producers and directors pay’s this ‘Jihad Hafta’ via indirect channels as goodwill money to keep their show business running. One who refuses to align to this arrangement, is shown the door in Bollywood.

To counter this problem the governing Pro Pakistani Jihad body in Mumbai,  Karachi based project managers has devised a new plan in recent years – invite, employ and leverage Pakistani artists as ‘money peddlers’. This is a new innovative way of using India’s money to sponsor terror against India.  In the recent years there has been a big surge of Pakistani actors, Musicians, Singers working in India. These Pakistani artists are not here because of the dearth of talent in India, but are ‘Terror money peddlers’.

This way the payment for their services becomes legal and the Pro Pakistani Bollywood lobby project manager “Mr. Bhaijaan” in Mumbai (who is also ISI poster boy for Bollywood) don’t have to bother for Hawala operators and middleman. This is one primary reason why ‘Mr. Bhaijaan’ shouted vehemently against the Pak artists ban by Motion Films Association. Because if he will not shout and cry, ISI will replace him and some other ‘ Bollywood manager’ will be appointed in Mumbai for this project “Bollywood Terror Dollars”. To maintain supremacy on such key role, the “Bhaijaan” raises his voice that impact D – Company interests, whether for Majid Menon execution or other D Company interest causes.

This way of employing Pakistani artists in India and transferring crores of money to Pakistan is not only legal and safe but also economic as one eliminates the NGO commission (15%) l, Hawala operator fee (generally 20%) & other charges (10%) totalling 45% of loss. So if ‘Bollywood Terror Dollars’ manager wants to send 100 Crore (18 Million $) to Pakistan, 45 Crore is lost in middlemen costs and only 55 Crore reaches D Company. D Company gives 25 Crore to ISI and ISI gives 5 Crore to Hafiz Saeed and other terror project managers. Later AK47 terror managers use this 5 Crore to kill 50 Indian soldiers (5 Lakh training cost & 5 Lakh reward to terrorist).

Legacy system:

Bollywood 100 Crore => Hawala Operators => 55 Crore (D Company) = > 25 Crore => ISI => 05 Crore => Pak Terror groups = Funds to kill 50 Indian soldiers

Contrary to above model, if the India based project manager of “Bollywood Terror Dollars” hires a Pakistani artist in a movie & pay him 100 Crore. The Pak artist pays Indian tax of 30% i.e 30 Crore and takes away 70 Crore back to Pakistan, out of which he pays 60 Crore to D Company and D Company pays 30 Crore to ISI etc. Rest cycle is explained above.

Contemporary system:

Bollywood 100 Crore => Pakistani Artists => 60 Crore (D Company) = > 25 Crore => ISI => 05 Crore => Pak Terror groups = Funds to kill 50 Indian soldiers

This strategy serves two purposes — the terror money is more, the transaction is legal and promotion of Pakistani artists in India, more promotion means more business and more profits for ISI.

An example explaining how one Pakistani actor kills 20 Indian soldiers:

Now suppose a Pakistani Actress Zarina Khan earns 5 Crores in above film, totalling 25 crores in a year via. 5 Indian films. He pays 7.5 Crore tax in India (30%), and rest 17.5 Crore takes back to Pakistan. Out of which he pays 12.5 Crore to D Company, which pays 10 Cr to ISI and ISI pays 2.5 Crore to Hafeez Sawed which trains 25 Jihadists for 50 Lakh, keeps 1 Crore to himself and rest 1 Cr in rewards cost for killing 20 Indian soldiers. In short, one Pakistani artist in one year sponsors killing of 20 Indian soldiers. One movie ticket to a Bollywood film involving Pakistani artist is sponsoring terror strikes against our own Army. This happens only in India. Russia, China and other countries will never allow this.

Its notable here these Pakistani artists in India who are getting 05 crore for films here used to get a merge of 01 -02 Lakh in Pakistan. Once can check their Pakistani Payroll online in news. Their sudden elevation in Bollywood with such high packages raises doubt and emboldens this article theory.

In 1945 Adolf Hitler executed such ‘Film, Arts and Music Money Peddlers’.  He was very upset on how German films, arts and music industry was colonized by Anti German groups. These German citizens of a specific race were not only defaming German culture in music, arts and media but also were funding Anti German forces and Hitler commanders were very upset on this, once Nazi party came to power – every individual was executed in cold blood with pride via. military SS wing. Indian films, arts, music and media institutions face similar situation today. They are colonized and infected with venomous anti India, anti-Hindu poisonous snakes circumventing it

The intellectual intelligence agencies of India are well aware of this modus operandi; the political class don’t want any action as they are afraid. Since much of these Visa requests are sponsored by producers and directors from Mumbai, the political leaders (irrespective of any political party) lacks guts, courage and audacity to stop Pakistani artists’ employment contracts. One reason because they wary of social boycott from glamorous Page3 parties, events and promotions and also fear for their life ( D Company assassinate people who disrupts its supply chain or trouble its Indian project managers). Many political and activists groups shout against Pak artists for getting a donation of 05 crore from Bollywood Terror money Mumbai project managers, once a briefcase of 05 crore reaches their office, such voices are calm down. Greed for money, fear for life and Page3 parties’ boycott, backstabbing culture of own people are major reasons why nobody takes leadership to smash this snake bastion.

The author, though is confident that Bollywood’s pro Pak ISI lobby will keep employing Pakistanis and Indian Govt. MEA will keep issuing artist Visas to Pakistani artists and Indians will keep watching their movies, shows of Pakistani artists. He is confident that after reading this article, at least the slain martyr’s family members will boycott such shows, movies and events of Pakistani artists.

These morbid shameful, morally disgraced and ethically diseased rabid dogs who issue Visas and employment to Pakistani artists in India, are sponsoring the killings of Indian soldiers who sacrifice their life to protect 1.25 Billion Indians from Pak armed and terror forces. Such shameful rabid dogs deserve to be executed via. Army firing squad & a day will come when this will be a reality when such crimes will be captured, prosecuted and executed under national Military command. Both Visa issuing authority and Visa / Job sponsorship organizations and groups are culprits here.



Dr. Mehul Pandita was a devout Hindu and is currently working as a director of research in San Paulo, Brazil chemical processing firm. In the early 1990’s he has witnessed human rights violation of his fellow brothers and uncles in Kashmir valley and had to force migrate from Kashmir to Delhi, later he completed his M.E. from Kanpur college and migrated to Brazil in 2003. A believer in humanism, in past he has worked unofficially for many Indian programs in Latin America. He can be reached at

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