How Nitin Gadkari Can Build A Road To Goddess Of Power In Two Hours


The average speed of union ministry of road is 20 Km a day. By this speed the long pending need of pilgrims to the sacred and divine Shaktipeeth of Goddess Ambika (The Goddess of Power) can be built in two hours (a 3.6km road from Rajasthan state Hwy 248A to Ambika Shaktipeeth) based out of Viratnagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan. The Shaktipeth where goddess Ambika’s left toes of fell when Lord Shiva was travelling in space with her burning body. Goddess Parvati sacrificed herself in the Yagna (a sacred fire ritual in Hinduism) arranged by her king father and when  her father insulted Lord Shiva, she couldn’t bear that and jumped into the sacred fire.

Lord Shiva, her husband appeared and carried her burning body in sky across the landscape of India (undivided India which included Pakistan and Bangladesh). The body parts of Goddess Parvati fell in 51 places across India and wherever they landed, the land became sacred and the venue is called as Shaktipeeth. You may have heard of Kamyakha Devi near Assam, one of the most sacred shrines of Hindus – it’s a Shaktipeeth. Viratnagar, a small village in Rajasthan is also a Shaktipeeth. Unfortunately, unlike other Shaktipeeths, it’s in desolate situation.
It lies in the way to Sariska Tiger reserve in Alwar city when you travel from Jaipur on Hwy 248A. To your surprise there is no road to this Shaktipeeth. It’s located on a high hilltop in the mid of jungle comprising small bushes and trees. The path from main road to this hilltop based Shaktipeeth is rocky, rugged and does not even fall under the category of village roads.

You need a Jeep or SUV car to ride over the bumps and bushes. The temple has stairs though which starts from base of hill to the top – thanks to a Mumbai based gentlemen who funded it. There is marking of any kind on road billboards throughout the route from Jaipur to Sariska. There is one mini board which one can miss easily. This lack of proper road connectivity is the primary cause why very few pilgrims visit this Shaktipeeth says the part time priest who volunteers during the day. Post 5pm, its pitch dark here and one can get lost easily in the thick bushy forest. This lack of connectivity by road also leads to fewer visitors, less donations and thus money shortage for basic temple maintenance. One may be depressed to know that this Shaktipeeth dosen’t even have enough Chunaris (the shining red cloth Mata wears) as the temple has not much funds to appoint a full time priest.

Now it’s important to know that each of Goddess Durga Shaktipeet have sacred powers, it’s the lack of interest shown by successive governments to do something for this sacred pilgrimage place, which has a potential to become a major Hindu pilgrimage place in Rajasthan. One reason brings its strategic place between Jaipur route to Alwar towards Sariska Tiger reserve sanctuary. Every years thousands of tourists – domestic and international travel here to watch wildlife esp. Tigers, the Shaktipeeth falls along the way. If the road & transport ministry build a good road from main national highway to the Shaktipeeth hillock and place big sign boards with Km and direction on highway – no doubt the visitor’s volume will become ten folds.

The Gypsy drivers at Sariska wildlife resort always say that scion of Gandhi family; Priyanka Gandhi is so fond of the Sariska wildlife reserve that she visits it every year and scans all four sectors for tiger spotting.

The increased volume will lead to more volume of visitors and more donations leading to a temple committee with ample funds to hire a full time priest and daily change of clothes of goddess of power – Maa Ambika. The whole area will become a micro economy with shops catering pilgrim’s needs. This will help create employment and boost tourism in Rajasthan. People visit Rajasthan for its culture and Heritage and this upgrade to Viratnagar Shaktipeeth will empower Rajasthan tourism destiny.

By building this road the national road transport Minister Nitin Gadkari will empower Goddess of Power (Gods get power when human do their puja (prayers and chanting), Nitin Gasket is an RSS person who is patriotic and has great love for Hindu Heritage and its glory. The author of this blog has limited influence in getting this sacred divine work complete, in his intellectual capacity he can write and update persons in power though. Here he sees a potential in addressing this article to Nitin Gadkari.

The reason why the author is addressing this to central cabinet minister Nitin Gadkari and may be not to the Rajasthan road ministry is because many groups and individuals have requested Rajasthan Govt. road ministry from time and again, but all in vain.

Industry experts regards him a lot and considers Nitin Gasket a dedicated, industrious and good presenter. He works with interests on road networks projects. He has acumen to understand logistics and transport requirements of business and society and he do every project very diligently. Looking at the above qualities of Nitin Gadkari, there is no doubt that this sacred service can be completed in two hours.
This will be a ‘sacred’  landmark in his road building Legacy. This ‘Karma Yoga’ action will give boost to ‘Bhakti Yogis’ .

A human can empower God by empowering his sacred sites by chants, prayers and Yagna and devotional songs – in return the empowered God weakens the evil which results in an empowered human race, the cycle continues infinite- Rahul Chandra


rcs-copyThe author Rahul Chandra Sharma is an executive board member of Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America, and has empowered multiple national and global programs of RSS in various faculties and role capacities. He has studied Hinduism at Hindu University Of America and believes in the supreme powers of Goddess Durga. More data on his programs can be researched at:
The authors last communication with Nitin Gadkari was in 2013 when he wrote a passionate but rationale content email requesting Nitin Gadkari (the then BJP president) to appoint Narendra Modi (now Indian PM) as the prospective Prime ministerial candidate for 2014 Indian national elections, on which he did reply with a positive note of consideration. Nitin Gadkari was also a Twitter follower of World Hindu News.