Hume Council investigates claims Hindu temple operating at Craigieburn residential home

Hume Council is investigating if this house in Hanson Rd, Craigieburn is being used as a

Hume Council is investigating if this house in Hanson Rd, Craigieburn, is being used as a Hindu temple.

AN INVESTIGATION has been launched into whether a Craigieburn house is being used as a Hindu temple.

But the home’s owner denied the claims when approached by Hume Leader, despite running a Facebook page promoting prayer sessions and taking donations.

Craigieburn Mata Mandir is listed on Facebook as a Hindu temple in Hanson Rd operating from 8am-8pm.

It has almost 500 likes and posts photos, reviews and event details.

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A post on November 23 said a new temple was being constructed at the address with a “grand opening” advertised for January 17.

There have also been posts encouraging donations with bank account details listed.

Last month, a post provided details about booking “mata ki chowki” — a space to sit and chant.

After being contacted by Hume Leader, all these posts were removed.


This Facebook page has been removed.

This Facebook page has been removed.


The home’s owner, who did not want her name published, denied the house was a temple, instead saying it was a “house of God”.

She claims last month’s “grand opening” was simply a house-warming.

“My family and friends join me for prayer,” she said.

“How can I use it as a temple? It’s my house.

“It’s my house of prayer, my house of God; it’s my personal house.”

She said the Facebook page was used to promote festival information and the Indian culture, while donations were used to buy statues.

Hume councillor Casey Nunn said she had received numerous complaints about the house after the alleged opening in January.

Second Ave resident Lisa, who did not want her surname published, claimed her driveway was constantly surrounded by cars and sometimes blocked due to the amount of traffic.

“It’s really just annoying that they block the driveway … and they don’t have respect for anyone else,” she said.

“If they want a temple … that’s fine. (But) do it in an industrial area, not in a house in the middle of the suburbs.”

City sustainability director Kelvin Walsh said Hume Council was investigating.

According to the council, having a place of worship at a residential property could be within the owner’s rights.

While residential zones are primarily for housing, they can, in some instances, allow for educational, religious, recreational, community and other uses.

Places of worship can occur where the gross floor area is no more than 250sq m and where there is access to a road zone.

In some cases, they can run without a permit.