Hundreds of temples attacked, 72 Hindu women raped and many kidnapped in last 4 years

Bangladesh : Hundreds of temples attacked, 72 Hindu women raped and many kidnapped in last 4 years

Press conference to inform about atrocities against Hindus from Bangladesh

Dhaka : A press conference was held on 21st November on behalf of ‘Bhangladesh Minority Watch’, ‘Bangladesh Human Rights Commission’ and ‘World Human Rights Protection Organisation’ to give information about atrocities against Hindus in Bangladesh and demand with the Government for finding solution to this problem. Advocate Ravindra Ghosh, the President of ‘Bangladesh Minority Watch’, Makbul Haq of Bangladesh Human Rights Commission, freedom fighter, Manoranjan Ghoshal and Tushar Rehman of ‘Civic Rights Parishada’ addressed the conference. In the beginning, direct proofs of atrocities against Bangladeshi Hindus and written proofs were presented before the journalists.

The organizers informed

  1. During the years 2009 to 2013, hundreds of houses and shops belonging to Hindus were looted and set on fire.
  2. Many temples and religious places were damaged and desecrated setting them on fire.
  3. 72 Hindu women were raped whereas more than 50 women and children were kidnapped.
  4. Land belonging to more than 1000 Hindus and their houses were forcibly taken over, driving them out.
  5. More than 200 Hindus were forcibly converted.
  6. No action was taken by the police although complaints were lodged with them giving details of names of offenders.
  7. It is very shameful for the Government that despite taking part in the freedom fight of Bangla Desh, Hindus are treated in such manner.
  8. The organizers have, therefore, made 14 demands including setting up of a Committee under the chairmanship of a Judge from High Court to inquire into all cases of oppression and taking stringent action against the culprits; besides setting up of Minority Human Rights Commission.

Source: Hindu Jagruti Samiti