If Hindus disrespect their own culture, then their destruction is certain – Swami Satchidanandpuri Maharaj

Pujya Dr. Pingle presenting Monthly periodical and Holy texts to Mahant Avaidyanathaji Maharaj

Pujya Dr. Pingle presenting Monthly periodical and Holy texts to Mahant Avaidyanathaji Maharaj

Pujya Dr.Charudatta Pingle was touring in Nepal. While returning from there He paid a visit to the Shri Pashupati Sangaved residential Sanskrut Secondary School at Pragatinagar, Navalparasi. He met its founder, conservator Shri 108 Swami Satchidanandpuri Maharaj and gave him information about the mission of the Samiti.

At that time Maharaj said, the more Hindus hate their own culture, the more they will get trapped in it. The effect of anti-Dharma activities is horrible and Hindus must have realised the rage of the nature at the time of the annihilation at Kedarnath. No Saints/ascetics are born in Europe, America; but there are many ascetics in Bharat. Deities also incarnated here only. Sages and Saints have prescribed the path of protecting themselves from calamities. They should follow that.

Pujya Dr. Pingle, National Guide of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti met Mahant Avaidyanathaji Maharaj of Gorakshapith in Gorakhpur. Maharaj was very pleased having learnt about Samiti’s mission concerning Rashtra and Dharma and gave His blessings. During this meeting. Maharaj said, we should not follow secularism, because none following other religions accepts it. United society becomes strong; but divided society’s strength gets divided. It is very essential to bring the separated Hindus under one banner. Hindus are still trapped in the differences between caste – creed, touchable – untouchable, rich – poor. It is necessary to change their mindset by explaining to them about their ill-effects. If Hindus unite then no one will be able to challenge them. When He was given the invitation to attend the Hindu Convention, he said that due to his ill-health, he cannot attend, but he will send his heir/ Yogi Adityanath of Gorakshapith as his representative.

Source : Dainik sanatan Prabhat