In the name of ‘Al Qaeda’, Hindus threatened of genocide if they don’t leave within 30 days

Map-of-JharkhandRanchi (Jharkhand) :  About 100 handbills have been confiscated by police which were circulated in Ratu area threatening Hindus to leave, run away from the place within one month; else all of them would be killed and Hindu girls would be converted through medium of ‘love jihad’. It has created tension in the area. Police confiscated such circulars on 5th September, Friday.

1. These circulars have “786; Pakistan Zindabad and Hindustan Murdabad” written on them.

2. It is written that – Hindus and tribal people will be made to run on the roads and shot; they will be cut to pieces.

3. Those, who do not follow this order, will face its consequences within a month.

 Police investigations started

Police Officer Prabhatkumar said, “Circulars spreading terror and ‘love jihad’ have been confiscated from Ratu village. Investigation of local people is going on. Prima facie, it seems to be a mischief played by few persons. (Police is trying to lessen the gravity of the situation ! How can such police ever do justice to Hindus ? – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat); but police are rigorously investigating the matter.”

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat