Incidents in November 2013 opposing Rashtra, Hindu Dharma and Hindu culture

Attacks on Hindus !

November 5 : Fanatics Muslims registered complaints against RSS at respective police stations in Mangaluru when only 4 volunteers were walking around the flag in the forefront of the rally organised by RSS at two different places.

November 15 : Ex pracharak Juyal of RSS is going to start a private channel to assimilate Muslims in the main stream imparting appropriate education of Islam. The name of the channel is going to be ‘Paigam’. A news has been published that in addition to this there is a plan to commence “FM Radio’ also.

November 21 : Central Irrigation Minister, Harish Ravat while stating that, Prabhu Ramchandra’s Sita too was a foreigner. Bhartiyas are devoted to her; and asking a question, then why objection to Sonia Gandhi being a foreigner, has compared Sonia Gandhi with Sita straight away.

Attacks of fanatics on Hindus:-

November 4 : In Mujaffarnagar one Hindu was killed and 2 others got injured when they were going a two-wheeler, in the firing by fanatic Muslims. This firing was done from a 4 wheeler. The vehicle dashed against the two-wheeler before the firing.

November 4 : Fanatic Muslims attacked Hindus, making a false allegation of insulting Mahamad Paigambar on the face book, against a 10th std. student Rajib Babul Saha studying in Bonogram Bajar in the sub-district Santhiya in Pabana area in Bangaladesh. 25 to 30 houses were destroyed completely and other houses too suffered loss.

November 6 : Fanatic Muslims attacked Hindus because a scrap-dealer was killed at Shahpur in Mujaffarnagar. Police arrived there after 1 and a half hour. In the mean time the fanatics were making havoc there.

November 9 : In Vikroli (Mumbai) a gang of 15-20 fanatic Muslims fully equipped with weapons attacked 4 members in a family entering into their house. In that a woman along with a 70 year old woman were seriously injured.

November 17 : Hindus objected to ‘Matam’ (Expressing grief hurting the body-check) when the procession of Muslims on the occasion of Moharam was passing by a temple in Katghar in Muradabad (Uttar Pradesh), hence fanatic Muslims attacked the Hindus. At that time the fanatics destroyed, burnt the properties and even took to firing. They burnt 8 houses and a two-wheeler and looted Hindu’s houses.

Theft in temple:-

November 4 : It is being guessed that around 10 thousand rupees might have been looted by breaking the donation box in Shri Ganesh temple near Ganesh Lake in Miraj.

Rapes :-

November 1 : A 16 years old girl was called for a puja in the evening on the occasion of Diwali by her friend. This friend, while accompanying the girl to reach her home after the puja, raped her. His three other friends also raped her.

November 7 : An incident happened in Mathura in which a 20 year old student was gang-raped for 5 days, has come to light.

November 9 : In Sangli, paternal uncle raped his 7 year old niece and strangled her to death. Vitthal Atugade (Age 20 years) is arrested for that.

November 9 : In the incident happened in Usmanabad, a married woman, who had gone to collect wood, was gang-raped and the scene was captured on a mobile. 2 persons have been arrested along with 2 minors who are kept in the custody.

November 12 : Police have arrested 2 brothers in Jamsande, Devgad for raping a girl studying in 3rd std.

Hand these anti-Nationals !:-

November 25 : Hindi film Producer–Director Vishal Bharadwaj while video shooting his picture ‘Haidar’ in the University in Kashmir, a group of students shouting slogan, ‘Pakistan zindabad’ opposed to the fluttering of the Tricolour.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat