Indian Christian missionaries plan to convert Hindus opposed by Sanatan Sanstha members

Panvel (Maharashtra) : Christian missionaries are always trying to find new ploys for converting Hindus. On 31st December, Christian missionaries played songs on loudspeaker and organized a dance program for young girls and gathered big crowd. As people gathered, the young girls stopped their dance and Christian missionaries started singing praises of Jesus. They also distributed copies of Bible for free. This was observed by Shri. Tukaram Londhe, a seeker of Sanatan Sanstha who was standing at railway station for buying a ticket. He immediately went there and stopped missionaries from converting people; but by that time several copies of Bible were distributed.

Christian missionaries were roaming in the city for this purpose in 6 vehicles. Nobody realized the real ploy till young girls were dancing.When they started distributing copies of Bible, Shri. Londhe opposed them. He said, “You are trying to convert Hindus in the name of dance and music program. Stop it and go away.” The Christian missionaries then left the place. Shri. Londhe also asked Hindus gathered there, “How did you take copy of Bible despite being Hindu ? It was an attempt to convert you through the medium of Bible. You should oppose them.” Still no Hindu came forward to oppose Christians.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat