Indian court aquits all six Hindus, against whom police wrongly framed charges for Goa blast

From left : Shri. Dhananjay Ashtekar, Shri. Dilip Mangaonkar,
Shri. Vinay Talekar, Shri. Vinayak Patil, Shri. Prashant Ashtekar, Shri. Prashant Juvekar”

All 6 seekers of Sanatan, who were detained in jail in connection with Madgaon bomb blast occurred in October 2009, have been acquitted by Court. Naturally, now they will be happy to see outside world after imprisonment of 4 years; but they are bound to have regret of spending 4 years of their life in ‘Tamasik’ atmosphere although they had not committed any crime. They have already experienced the grace of ‘Nyaya-Devata’ and we are sure that they would be compensated for the suffering they had to undergo in these 4 years.

We have been publishing facts through our ‘Dainik’ from time to time since the incident of 16th October. Sanatan Sanstha has been caught in the rounds of inquiries right from the day of that incident; but it will be more apt to say implicated rather than caught. The then Home Minister of Goa, Ravi Naik very confidently pointed his finger at Sanatan Sanstha as a suspect and the pace of inquiry increased.

Inquiry was conducted by local police as also by National Investigating Agency. All seekers from Sanatan’s ashram at Ramnathi, Goa have been interrogated 2-3 times; besides inquiry was also conducted of relatives of these seekers and seekers in ‘prasar-seva’; however, nothing was achieved except mental harassment of seekers. Now, the situation is like ‘not even a mole was found after digging up mountain’. Whether the police conducting inquiry are ashamed of the same is not known; but if they try to absolve themselves for their misdeeds by taking atonement for unnecessarily giving physical and mental trouble to innocent people; they would at least fulfill the purpose of this birth with whatever life is now remaining !

Issue of Madgaon bomb blast means hatching of conspiracy by anti-Hindus and anti-Sanatan people !

These people were not satisfied even after Madgaon blast case; therefore, for the last 4 years, they have been harassing Sanatan by shouting and using vulgar, abusive language while regularly passing by its ashram. The political leaders, who gave very strong reactions in the beginning, must have been quite disappointed now. Of course, it won’t be surprising if they pay no heed to this Court verdict as they have been thrown away from power in State Assembly elections held in Goa 1-1/2 years back; still they may not be able to stop the condemnation they will have to face all over Goa.

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti