Indian Home Ministry to Grant Citizenship To Pakistani Hindus With Complete Documents

unnamedHome ministry sources said the taskforce will work to grant citizenship to all Pakistani Hindus with complete documents within two months. For those with inadequate documents, long-term visa will be facilitated.

Pakistan Hindus during a protest march to the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi (PTI Photo)
The taskforce will follow up with the state governments on representations regarding pending cases in the states. MHA officials may be sent to coordinate with the state home departments and Foreign Registration Office officials.

Since the initial applications are filed online, the taskforce will monitor them and keep track of their progress.

The taskforce will also coordinate matters relating to long term visa, which for such refugees may extend to 10-15 years. A foreigner on long term visa is permitted to take up any employment in the private sector or to pursue studies in any academic institution.

Most Pakistani nationals belonging to the minority community come to India on a tourist visa only to claim refugee status. Seeking to stay back, they usually apply for citizenship or long term visas.

As per data put out by the Union home ministry, 3,753 Pakistani nationals were given long-term visas over 2013 and 2014 (up to June 30) and 1,854 granted citizenship between 2011 and the current year.

Source: The Times of India