Indian Mujahideen Threaten Justice for Hindus Volunteers In Assam:Dr. Chowdhury And His Crew Will Never Give Up

Indian Mujahideen Threaten JFH Volunteers In Assam


JFH volunteers in the Assam region of India who have opened a makeshift clinic and refugee center are being targeted and threatened by the Islamic terror organization “The Indian Mujahideed”.  The project to help Hindus who have been displaced and violated by Muslims in the region is headed by Dr.Bidhan Nath Chowdhury.  Dr. Chowdhury and his associates used their resources to open a small clinic in Assam to provide what services they can to the thousands of Hindu refugees who have had to flee violent persecution in Muslim Bangladesh. Dr. Chowdhury has been a very outspoken advocate for JFH and against Islam atrocities and has been documenting the victims in the area.  These efforts have riled the anger of local Muslim groups who wish to silence the truth about their attacks on innocent Hindus.

The Indian Mujahideen (IM) is a terrorist group based in India which has carried out several attacks against civilian targets in India. Police investigations have revealed the group to be a front for the Pakistan based Lashkar-e-Taiba. The Indian Mujahideen has been declared a terrorist organization and banned by the Government of India.  The IM has also been declared a terrorist organization by New Zealand and the United States officially placed the Indian Mujahideen on its list of foreign terrorist organisations, with the State Department acknowledging that the group had engaged in several terrorist attacks in India and had regional aspirations with the ultimate aim of creating an “Islamic caliphate” across South Asia. The group was banned by UK as it aimed at creating an Islamic State and implementing Sharia law in India, by use of indiscriminate violence.

Dr. Chowdhury and his clinic have already treated hundreds of patients and have provided relief to refugees in form of food, shelter and stipends. While Dr. Chowdhury is dedicated to the cause, he of course needs help, even more so now that he has a bounty on his head.  We ask that Hindus in the region of Assam (or elsewhere) contact Dr. Chowdhury (here).  You can help by volunteering at his clinic or in other districts where he works for JFH causes.  He also needs moral support, the Indian Mujahideen need to know that if they try to harm Dr. Chowdhury many people will know about it and there will be a price to pay.  Dr. Chowdhury is putting his life on the line to help Hindus and he really needs us to return the favor.  You can learn more about Dr. Chowdhury and his clinic (here).

Dr. Chowdhury And His Crew Will Never Give Up


Source: Justice for Hindus