India’s Rama takes on China’s dragon: Taiwan News

India’s Rama poised to slay China’s dragon over Ladakh border dispute

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As news broke that a vicious melee had broken out between Indian and Chinese troops along the Sino-Indian border in the Ladakh area on Tuesday (June 16), an illustration showing a Hindu god battling a Chinese dragon surfaced on social media.

On Tuesday, a fierce brawl broke out between Indian and Chinese troops on a disputed stretch of border in the Ladakh region, with the Indian side suffering 20 dead and the PLA allegedly reporting 43 dead and wounded. As nationalism on both sides of the border reached a fever pitch that day, an illustration showing Rama, the seventh avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu, drawing a bow and preparing to shoot a huge arrow into a Chinese dragon beside the words “We Conquer. We kill.” was posted on the Hong Kong social media site LIHKG.

Hong Kong Twitter user HoSaiLei soon shared it and wrote “An Indian friend has already finished this exquisite Sino-Indian war poster.” Within 21 hours, the post had gained 861 likes, 300 retweets, and 34 comments.

Many Indian netizens thanked HoSaiLei for sharing the image, and he responded to one user by saying, “Likewise!! Please know this, we support you!” Below the image, some Hongkongers jokingly posted screenshots of the character Dhalsim from the video game “Street Fighter” defeating the Chinese character Chun-Li.

Dhalsim threatening to destroy Chun-li. (Twitter, Street Fighter screenshot)

Source: Taiwan News