‘Industry’ coined from Indus, says Swami Vigyananand of WHEF

swamiji-e1386763383537BENGALURU: The word ‘industry’ has its origins in India – from the river Indus – according to the World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF). The body says the British coined the word when they saw how industrialized India was before Muslim and British invasions.
“I am telling you the ‘industry’ word has come from us – Indus. We were very industrialized, (and) that is why they used the word,” Swami Vigyananand, head of WHEF and joint general secretary of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, said at a summit organized in Bengaluru by the Forum on Saturday.
The Forum, started in 2012, brings together successful Hindu professionals – traders, bankers, technocrats, economists and industrialists – to share their business knowledge, experience, expertise and resources to create a prosperous society.

Source: The Times of India