Interference in Religious Traditions & Heritage is Saddening & Agonizing – Dr Pravin Togadia


Press Release
Interference in Religious Traditions & Heritage is Saddening & Agonizing
– Dr Pravin Togadia
New Delhi, August 20, 2015
Expressing agony & sadness about the Hon. Rajasthan HC verdict banning Jain’s Santhara tradition, Dr Pravin Togadia, VHP International Working President said, “Bharat has a rich religious & cultural tradition & heritage existing for ages since ancient times. Sanaatani, Jain, Buddhist, Sikh & allied all socio-religious practices & beliefs are part of these. Whenever Bharat’s society members, following these cultural activities & beliefs felt that there was a need for some changes in some practices, Bharat’s socio-religious followers of the traditions, themselves came ahead & made these changes gladly. Some examples: Women’s Education, marriages of widows etc. To bring about such changes, people who had been practicing the religion have themselves come ahead time to time.”
Dr Togadia further added, “Nowadays, it has been observed that there is a concentrated effort by the so called pseudo secular western thinking groups to demean & degrade all that is traditional, religious & related to Heritage of Bharat. Based on such biased thinking, no systems should get influenced & hurt the religious sentiments of millions of Sanaatani Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists etc. Therefore, while respecting the judiciary, we humbly request all in the administrative systems including the Govts & judiciary that they kindly leave the religious & cultural practices, beliefs, activities etc to the people of Bharat. When the people who follow these cultures feel that there should be some changes, the learned & the practicing people from the same societies will come ahead & take the people along. Others in the administration should not try to interfere as it hurts the social psyche & the religious sentiments of millions of people.”
Vinod Bansal

Vishwa Hindu Parishad
New Delhi

Source: WHN Media Network