Intolerance of the Mosque people exposed

Vishwa Samvad Kendra - ChennaiMurugan, a Hindu Munnani activist of kakkan colony, near Besant Nagar Chennai was attacked with lethal weapons causing serious head injuries while he was returning from Ganesh Visarjan on September 8 late night near his residence. He was given treatment and after several stitches to his head he was brought back to his house only to be picked up by local police on charges under non-bail able sections. It came to light that the same gang that attacked Murugan murderously had lodged a complaint with the police. Chennai City Secretary of Hindu Munnani Elangovan rushed to the spot. There was demonstration against police action because Murugan had been targeted by the same mosque people who had objected to the installing of a big Ganesha idol in the usual spot. In difference to their opinion, Hindus installed Ganesh idol far from the usual spot. Murugan used to counter unjust demands of the mosque people. All these culminated in the attack on Murugan. It has come to the notice of the public that the mosque in question had been imposed into the locality on a piece of Government land without permission. Only on the insistence of Hindu leaders the complaint by Murugan’s wife was accepted by the police and two Muslims were rounded up for the attack on Murugan. Police also arrested Baskar another Hindu Munnani activist of the same locality.

Source: Vishwa Samvad Kendra