Invitation: [GHHF] Attend the Release of THIRD EYE book on Sri Narendra Modi in Washington DC on June 21

Attend the Release of THIRD EYE book on Sri Narendra Modi
in Washington DC on June 21
1)  The Book:THIRD EYE

“Third Eye” is a fascinating and captivating book written by Swami Paripoornanada Saraswathi focusing on the spiritual and humanistic dimensions of an undisputed political leader of India, Narendra Modi. Examined in the book are his childhood experiences, his school days, how he helped his father to sell tea for livelihood, his marriage, how he left his wife to fine the truth in Himalayas, how he met so many spiritual leaders, and how he developed keen interest in serving the people with a spiritual eye.

As a Chief Minister, how he transformed the state of Gujarat, how he handled the controversy of Godhra riots, how he maintained composure and coolness in face of harshest criticism, and he his spiritual strength reflected them to his advantage, are brilliantly enumerated in the book.

It is hoped that it will inspire the youngsters to follow him as a role model in developing the attitude of manava seva (serving the mankind) with a spiritual eye to establish dharmic principles in Bharath. Swami Paripoornanada is commended for bringing out this timely and highly valuable book on Narendra Modi whose time has come as a newly elected Prime Minister to bring much needed changes.

2) The VENUE 

        The Book release function will be done at Herndon High School
The address: 700 Bennett Street, Herndon, VA 20170


   The function will be held on June 21, at 4:30pm