Is Hindu Varna based on Birth


According to Jyotish Moon represents mind. So if Moon in birth chart is in zodiac Aries, the varna of that person is Kshatriya because Mesha rashi or Aries is Kshatriya rashi. Bellow is the list.

Kshatriya: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
Vaishya: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.
Shudra: Gemini, Libra,Aquarius.
Brahmin: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

However, the varna of planets are different:

Kshatriya: Sun, Mars.
Vaishya: Moon, Mercury.
Shudra: Saturn.
Brahmin: Jupiter, Venus.

The characteristics of a person solely not based on Moon sign, other factors like Ascendant sign, planets there etc are to be taken into consideration.

Now you can interpret in the way you like.


I got the chance to see a Jyotisham map constructed for a person in my family based on their birth.

It tabulates several characteristics of a person with planetary influences and more which I do not understand.

In addition to lucky stones, starting letter for name, it also had the person’s Varna.

This varna was different from the heredity varna that the family follows.

1) Doesn’t this conclusively prove that Varna is not based on birth and instead is based on personal Gunas (Karma influences time and place of birth and Gunas too)?

2) Wouldn’t this also mean that inheriting Varna from the family was a corrupted system which goes against the evidence of Jyotisham?

3) How much can we trust these maps to predict our Varna?

4) How would we then determine our Varna and hence sva-dharma?

I have personally been in association with very renowned astrologers and authorities on Darma Sastras.
Based on their inputs, this is what I understand:

1. The four varnas are determined based on the combination of Trigunas (Satva, Rajas and Tamas)

2. The Trigunas influence both the body and mind. According to Sankhya Shashtra, the entire universe including the stones, the sand, the trees, animals, Devatas, Nava grahas are classified as Satvic, Rajasic or Tamasic based on the dominant element in the entity.

3. The influence of the Triguna determine the Guna of the person and the influence of the Triguna on the body determine the Jati of the person.

4. Thus when a person a person has the same characteristic in both the body and mind, then he is considered to be of that Varna. Otherwise, he is classified partially as below:
– Ravana was of a Brahmin birth (Jati), but a Rakshasa by Guna – so he was a Brahma Rakshasa. He had to be slain because of his Guna and Karma, but Rama performed a ritual to cleanse the “Brahma Hatya” Dosha because Ravana was a Brahmana by Jati.
– Dharma Vyadha was of Vyadha Jati but enlightened by Guna. He is respected as a Brahmana-like person and knowledge is sought from him but few of the karmas of Dharma Vyadha in his routine were done according to his Jati (Vyadha).

In the specific case that you are referring to, one has to dig deeper and see which element of the astrological element set was the Varna derived from and whether it refered to Body or Mind and then draw a final conclusion. One of the stalwart astrologers of Kerala Sri Panikkar was a highly scholarly person respected by people of all Jatis but he was of Shudra Jati. He himself used to accept this bifurcation of Guna and Jati. He used to follow a very pious, Satvic life style and practiced Jyotisha but while performing Karmas such as Devataradhana, Marriage, Shradhdha etc., he used to follow the customs prescribed for his Jati.

I have basic experience with jyotish shastra. That varna is not your personal varna. That is used to describe with advanced calculation, nature of Rashi, a rashi is mosaic of its constituent Nakshtras and its ruling graha,deity , Nakshtra’s padas and its ruling grahas and deity. Finally, elementary tattwas of each which physical manifestation of Akash/ Guru tattwas.

So, end point is this decides basic varna of rashi, after phenomenal considerations of all aspects, and calculation. The combinations of your karmas, mastery of material and intentions of progress in specific work decides your varna. Neither you birth, or your rashi, not even your lagna rashi. But, indeed they give subtle manifestations or motivations in our ego.

Source: WHN Media Network