Islamist plan to change Hindu demography in India exposed as a part of global population Jihad


Why a  global Islamic population control policy is barely needed?

Anti Hindu Maulavi Sajid Rashidi plans to increase Muslim population in India to make India an Islamic country. Some of them claim to capture Europe and America by population explosion.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | Feb 7, 2017:: The prime Muslim clerics’ organisation All India Imam Association President and Radical Islamist Sajid Rashidi has exposed the Islamic plan again in India to make this country as Islamic state.

Actually, This is not only a plan for India, this is a global Islamic treat to promote multiple marriages and produce maximum numbers of kids to increase the numbers of Muslims over non-Muslims. This ploy of polygamy is nothing but a principal policy of ‘Population Jihad‘.

In recent, we saw Mohammed Bello Abubakar, a Muslim cleric, who had 130 wives and fathered 203 children, died at the age of 93 in Central Niger State. Muslims consider, Allah is Almighty as he gives such a huge reproduction power in them for their best fucking life and religious belief.

In such a way of indomitable intention of intercourse to ensure ‘Population Jihad’, Sajid Rashidi has expressed his views in twitter in Indian context that “Har Musalman ko 4 Bivi o4 49 Bacche paida karne chahiyen. Agle 10 saal ham Aadhi abadi hojayenge inshaAllah.” (Every Muslim must marry 4 wives and produce 40 children. In next 10 years We –Muslims will be half of the population-of India. If Allah agrees).

In another tweet Rashidi conveyed,” Islam me 4 Shadi Jayez hai. Mene Tweet kiya to kuch mere Hindu bhaiyon ko Musalmano ki Sabadi Badhne se Takleef he. Its my Right in India.” (Marrying 4 times is permissible in Islam. With my tweet some Hindus brothers see problem in increase of Muslims. It’s my right in India”.

In a sharp shooting, the radical cleric wanted to provoke Indian Muslims to marry 4 times and produce 40 kids openly.

Some months ago a video footage went viral in social platform in which a Bangladeshi Muslim cleric Muhammad Ibrahim suggested to capture Europe by Population Jihad.

See this video: We’ll capture America & Europe by Population Jihad.

Close aide of Dr Zakir Naik, Mufti Kazi Muhammad Ibrahim claims that he has 11 children and would like to plan more.

Ibrahim claims that the the Muslims will combat atomic explosion by the Islamic means of population explosion.

The fanatic Bangladesh Cleric also claims that Muslims are keeping alive the human civilization by maintaining over the population growth rate of 2.11,  while Europe has the growth rate of 1.3,  America has only 1.4 and other countries have an average of 1.5 or 1.6.

“Now, the whole America and Europe including France, Japan, Singapore, Thailand are facing a crisis of low birth rate in human population. Muslims must avail this chance to produce more children taking the grants by different govts in France, Russia etc”, Mufti Kazi Muhammad Ibrahim.

The Muslim cleric of Bangladesh cited from Hadith that birth control is a prime sin according to Islam.

In the same perspective, the Islamist provocation of Sajid Rashidi, the  All India Imam Association to marry 4 and produce 40 formula is most dangerous in the context of Hindu demography in India.

These are not the Islamic war cry for Population Jihad, just in India or Bangladesh. The crisis is looming large globally.

Concerned Global leaders like, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Benjamin Netanyahu, Narendra Modi, Angela Merkel, Xi Jinping, Shinzō Abe and Theresa May must plan together to check the growth of Jihadi population to maintain peace and prosperity of the world.

A global Islamic population control policy is a dire need of the time. Otherwise the enlarging phantom of Islamic population  will destroy the non-Muslim world eventually.