“It is an imperative for the government to protect the beef ban law in the state” – Panun Kashmir

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The brazen defiance of law in Kashmir on the issue of implementation of the law banning sale and slaughter of bovine animals is an explosive development. It is part of the systematic campaign of eroding the authority of the State and the Constitution in Jammu and Kashmir, pushing the political class and the government of the day to abdicate.

Panun Kashmir warns the government that dithering and showing weakness in the light of growing fundamentalist assault on the law of the land and principles of coexistence will prove to be disastrous.

Panun Kashmir wants Government of India, political class across the party affiliations and the international opinion to take cognizance of the fact that the public display of killing cows in Kashmir province, video graphing the event and circulating it on the social media as well as hosting of Beef Parties are acts akin to circulating the video tapes of killings of hostages by the Islamic State (IS). 

Since cow constitutes the sanctum sanctorum of the core of Hindu religious and civilisational consciousness, its slaughter and public display of the same, is an expression of a behavior as heinous as the world has witnessed about Islamic State (IS) in recent times. The merging of the fundamentalist agenda in Kashmir with that of Pan Islamic fundamentalism is glaringly evident now. Only a blind, deaf and mentally retarded or a complicit government can ignore or trivialize such developments.

Panun Kashmir asks a basic question of the entire political class: Why is it that the entire Muslim leadership, across the spectrum, right since the days of freedom struggle, well before independence and right through to the present times, crossing critical periods of 1947, 1950, 1953, 1965, 1971, 1990, till now have never raised the issue of the law on the ban on sale and slaughter of the bovine animals in the state? Why is it that only now the political class in Kashmir valley is seeking the repealing of this law? Doesn’t it signify that fundamentalisation of this political class is almost complete now?

Panun Kashmir again states with emphasis that the cry for repealing of beef ban law in Kashmir is one more  declaration of the rejection of coexistence in Kashmir as loud and clear as the religious cleansing of Hindus of Kashmir.

We want to state it very clearly that for Hindus of the state protection of cow is a religious duty as well as a religious right. It is an inalienable part of our religious freedom. We will not allow any body to trespass on this right.

We also want to state that the choice of what to eat and what not to eat is not a fundamental right. We also know that beef eating is permissible to Muslims but not a religious duty and right. Those Muslims who do not eat beef do not cease to be Muslims.

The beef ban law in the state has been an expression of a deeper secular consensus between the communities. That is why nobody in the state ever thought of this law as a restriction and precisely for this reason this law survived right from the period of monarchy in the state to the present democratic times.

Panun Kashmir also states it with emphasis that it is an imperative for the government to protect the beef ban law in the state. It is also high time to intervene decisively to release the restrictions imposed by the Jehadis on dress, school and college curricula and on all forms of entertainment.

We appeal to Government of India and the state government to realize that the attack on the beef ban law in the state constitutes an integral component of the Jihadi strategy and showing any expediency or weakness will erode the credibility of the State and its capability to defeat the separatist forces.

Source: WHN Media Network