JEHAD-E-ISHQ: ISI insidious plans of the Pak ISI to entice Hindu girls

The interrogation of two suspected LeT operatives by the Special Cell of Delhi Police has revealed the insidious plans of the Inter Services Intelligence to entice Hindu girls in order to inflict moral and emotional damage.

Termed as ‘Love Jehad’ or ‘Jehad-e-Ishq’ by the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), the plan has sent alarm bells ringing among Indian security agencies. Sources said measures were being taken to counter the sinister plot of the ISI to spread disaffection in Indian society. Police said interrogation of suspected LeT operatives, Mohammed Shahid and Mohammed Rashid has revealed that the ISI has spread its tentacles in Western Uttar Pradesh (UP) and was targeting disenchanted Muslim youths for the last one year.

“Muslim youths are being indoctrinated to woo Hindu girls after posing as Hindus. This is called “Love Jehad” and the ISI is pumping in money for this purpose and its handlers are teaching these boys how to behave like a Hindu,” the sources added. Investigators claimed the ISI hatched this conspiracy around two years ago and approached a maulvi of a madrasa situated in Western UP. “The ISI has asked maulvis to use Muslim youths for the purpose of luring Hindu girls and the ISI has also assured them that there will be no shortage of funds for recruiting the young men for this nefarious purpose,” police added. Investigations revealed that ISI first approached youths in Deoband and later with the help of locals, it has been targeting youths in several districts of Uttar Pradesh, including Muzaffarnagar and Meerut.

A few weeks ago, the Special Cell of Delhi Police had sent officers to UP to gather actionable Intelligence and find out the ground reality and they were shocked to find that such cases had already been reported to the police in Muzaffarnagar and Meerut districts. “Investigators also discovered that the ISI was also planning to win over Hindu girls to convert them to Islam after marrying them to Muslim boys.”

Sources said the ISI has been funding the lavish lifestyle of youths trained for this purpose and they have been asked to purchase motorbikes and cell phones and target Hindu girls. They have been asked to target college girls belonging to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam by feigning love and later dump them.

Source: Mahender Singh Manral | New Delhi