Jihadis convert Murshidabad (Bengal) into a living hell for Hindus

MAIN-Jihadi-JohnAnti-Hindu Fatwas issued by fanatics

  • Do not perform puja of Goddess Saraswati in schools !
  • One imam or maulvi should be given a place in the Navaratri committees !
  • Do not erect statue of Swami Vivekananda in school premises !
  • Do not draw ‘rangoli’ in front of house !

Indian media have been raising hue and cry about 250 people embracing Hindu Dharma, but have conveniently neglected these anti-Hindu Fatwas !

 Is Murshidabad in India or in Pakistan ?

Murshidabad (Bengal) : Anti-Hindu ‘fatwas’ constantly issued by Jihadi fanatics have made it difficult for Hindus to live in Murshidabad. It is compulsory for all local Hindus to obey these fatwas and if they don’t, they have to face intimidation by fanatics. Such is the situation in Murshidabad.

Fanatics impose restrictions on bringing idol of Deity Kartik in Dolua village !

Murshidabad (Bengal) : In Dolua village in Beldanga, fanatics have issued a fatwa that idol of Deity Kartik should not be installed in the village this year. Local Hindus have therefore, sought assistance from police and Administration and they are worried whether they would be able to perform ‘puja’ this year. The population of religious fanatics in Murshidabad district has increased to 40 %. (In the Trinamool Congress run West Bengal, many small pockets have developed as mini Pakistan ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

1. Every year, people perform ‘puja’ of Deity Kartik in Dolua village. The local residents feel that it is the conspiracy of fanatics to stop this religious program.

2. Swami Pradiptanandji Maharaj of Bharat Sevashram Ashram, working in the interest of Hindus opposed this fatwa; therefore, the fanatic organizations threatened him.

Fanatics impose restrictions on Hindus to celebrate Hindu festivals in schools !

1. In March 2010, fanatics had issued a fatwa that they would not allow Hindus to perform ‘puja’ of Goddess Saraswati Devi in Zaobona School in Beldanga and the school administration and local Administration had, bowing before fanatics, agreed to such demand of fanatics.

2. The School administration also agreed for the demand made by fanatics to provide a separate arrangement for 4 teachers of this school for namaz. After which Hindus also demanded that they should be allowed to perform Saraswati-puja.

3. After the demand by Hindu students, 10,000 jihadi fanatics came together and thrashed Hindu students; damaged houses of 30 Hindu families and even robbed them. Before committing such crimes, they first obstructed all roads leading to this village by setting big trees blocking the roads so that police would not be able to reach the place.

4. A retired teacher from Amtala School had once tried to install statue of Swami Vivekananda in the school’s premises that was also strongly opposed by fanatics and he could do nothing.

Fanatics oppose Hindus even in carrying on their daily chores and celebrating festivals !

1. In the year 2011, fanatics attacked a fair held by Hindus on the occasion of Chaitra Sankranti at Panchputhi village.

2. In 2012, Muslims had strongly opposed a Goddess Lakshmi devi procession taken out by Hindus in Bachhada village, Rejinagar and had stopped the procession on the road. Devotees had to leave the idol in the middle of the road due to such opposition by fanatics which was later immersed by police.

3. A woman from Ghosh family drew ‘rangoli’ in front of her house in Raghunathganj area which had to be removed due to severe opposition by fanatics.

4. Hindus from cities are also facing opposition of fanatics as faced in small villages. Hindus staying in a building in Behrampur city had to stop blowing conch during ‘puja’ due to opposition by families of 3 religious fanatics staying in that building.

5. All Navaratri festival committees had received a letter during Navaratri festival in the name of police that they would have to take a maulavi or imam in their festival committees. The letter was shown to police but they said that no such letter was issued by them and it is doubted that fanatic organizations must have issued such letter in the name of police.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat