“Journalism is the consistent effort of propagating cultural nationalism” -RSS celebrates Narad Jayanthi across the country

Narada is a devotee of God Vishnu and known as Devarshi. Narad Jayanthi is celebrated across the country on Jyesta Krishna Paksha Pratipada.
According to Vedic Puranas and mythologies Devrishi Narada is a universal divine messenger and primary source of information among Gods. Narada Muni has the ability to visit all three Lokas, Akasha or Heaven, Prithvi or Earth and Patala or Netherworld and is believed to be first journalist on the Earth. Narada Muni keeps travelling across the universe to communicate the information. Narada Bhakti Sutra, Narada Purana, Narada Pancharatra and Naradiya Dharmashastra are some of the holy texts associated with Sage Narada.
Narada was considered to be the first reporter or journalist of the whole Universe. He knew the crux of the journalism. His mastery over journalism and expertise in communication was shown when he gave tips to Yudhishthira on governance. For him, journalism is the consistent effort of propagating cultural nationalism; journalism is not a profession, rather a mission with social responsibility.
He is the first person in human history who recognized the power of news and important of communication in governance. Narada had excellent qualities that a good journalist needs to cultivate. They include good grasping power and wonderful analytical insight.
Journalists across the country are felicitated for their social responsibility.
This year ‘Narad Jayanthi’ is being celebrated across the country on 16th May 2014.