Kenya: Hindu Council Unhappy With Kisumu Demo

timthumbTHE Hindu Council has protested the pulling down of a statue in Kisumu City by protesters. The monument erected by the Sikh community to mark 100 years of their presence in Kisumu, was pulled down on Sunday after three days of riots.

In a letter to the Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma, the Hindu Council condemned the destruction of the startue. Chairman SB Varma said the government must protect all communities or races without discrimination.

He said the constitution upholds the fundamental right and dignity of all races and groups of persons. “We wish to condemn in the strongest terms the events,” Varma said.

The monument, which was erected at a roundabout on Mosque Road, sparked off protests after residents claimed it portrayed Kisumu as a haven of idol worshipers. The protesters defied calls by CORD leader Raila Odinga to spare the monument.

Source: All Africa