Kerala lynching: Protesters chant Veda mantras to drive home message of humanity

In a unique way of protest, youth members of the Kasyapa Veda Research Foundation, a Kozhikode-based Vedic institute, distributed food packets, in the wake of the tragedy of Madhu, a tribal youth who was lynched by a mob for stealing one kilogram or rice. The protesters also recited Sankatana Sookta from the Rig Ved “to bring about mindset change among the people”.

The incident is a slap on the face of the so-called civilized society of Kerala. ‘Yuva KVRF’ the fellowship of youngsters of Kasyapa Veda Research Foundation headed by Acharya MR Rajesh, a well-known social reformer and vedic scholar of Kerala working for teaching the Vedas to every man breaking the caste, religion and gender barriers – decided that protests are not enough, it is time to lead the change.

The protesters also carried placards and banners having verses from the Vedas. One of the banners said Manur Bhava – become a human being and Sahasra hasta sangira– give out with a thousand hands.

They also drive home the message that the ultimate joy is in giving. They urged people to take care of those who are hungry. According to the activists, the response from the public was very encouraging. “We couldn’t complete the distance we had planned as we ran out of food packets. We should realise that there are much more people in this city

who are in hunger than we think there are. But the number is not more than what our joined hands could easily feed. Everyone should develop a daily habit of sharing the food we have with the have-nots. The whole state will become devoid of hunger with this simple acharana (ritual). That’s the message we want to give,’’ said Rahul Arya, one of the team member. Learning in Vedas will make a man more humane.