Khindri Ancient Hindu temples in Pakistan facing destruction

pakistan_mapThe All India Brahmin Sabha Punjab Unit at Ferozepur in its meeting under the presidentship of Hari Ram Khindri expressed concern over the the Hindu temples of historical significance in Pakistan, are facing destruction.

The Hinduism, once a major religion in present-day Pakistan along with Buddhism, has endured many invasions, migrations, conquests and settlements of many tribes and ethnic groups. There has been historical decline of Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism in Pakistan. This happened for a variety of reasons even as these religions have continued to flourish beyond the eastern frontiers of Pakistan.

He further said, a conspiracy is being played in Pakistan to destroy the heritage of temples and in case Pakistan cannot look after the temples, it has no right to dismantle them.

Khindri said, it is hurting the sentiments of crores of Hindus and its consequences could be worst. One must learn to respect places of worship of other religions also.

The Hindu temples in Pakistan are part of our cultural heritage and it is our responsibility to take care of these temples to keep ourselves in touch with our history, he added.

Source: Meri News