Kids Honour Teachers at Hindu Fair

CHENNAI:Over 1,000 children from 550 schools across the city took part in Acharya Vandanam (worship of teachers) at the 7th Hindu Spiritual Service Fair in AM Jain College on Thursday.

“Maata Pita Guru Daivam, that is mother, father, teacher and God, are the four most important people in our lives. One must respect each one of them. This fair ensures and reminds all students about these important qualities,” said B Gomathi, a Tamil teacher from Vivekananda Vidyalaya.

As part of the rituals, students washed the feet of their gurus and applied turmeric and kumkum on the feet. They also sang songs praising the teachers.

AM Jain College ground was filled with young students. The turnout was huge when compared to earlier years.

“The footfall has been on the rise. Educationists from across the state have appreciated our efforts to bring change in society,” said M Veeraswamy, educational officer, Vivek Educational Society.

At the meet there were 110 competitions, based on patriotism, value of women, conserving ecology, conserving forests,  sustaining environment and inculcating family values.

Students took part in skits, singing competition, dance, slokas and others.

“This is the second time we are all taking part in this fair. Last time I won a prize for singing. I hope we win this time too,” said S Ananta Ragini, a Class 7 student from DAV School.

Over 320 stalls have been put up at the fair, and people have thronged all.

“This is the first time I am attending this fair. Luckily it is near my house. We have known Hinduism as a religion, but this is the first time we know Hinduism as a service. It is good that they are conducting such fairs,” said Shanta Lakshmi, a homemaker.

Source: The New Indian Express