Legal battle to thwart a Hindu temple take over by TN government

Suriyapperuma, a nominated MP of Sri Lanka Ruling Party

Uncouth utterances of a Lankan MP about India

Last week, Suriyapperuma, a nominated MP of Sri Lanka Ruling Party, had the temerity to say that India is not a “giant” any more but a “bug” (binkunda). He was also mindless enough to run down Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as an “old man” (nakiya) and a “fool”, who would soon be overthrown by the Indian people. He said all this at a Committee Stage debate of the Lankan Ministry of External Affairs. The Sunday Times noted that no ruling party member or minister, including the Minister of External Affairs G L Peiris, who were present at the time Suriyapperuma made these remarks, seemed to be perturbed. However, opposition United National Party (UNP) MP, Ravi Karunanayake said that “stupid statements” made by ruling party members were antagonising foreign countries.