Let the sacrifice of Hidu Saint Fakkad Baba not be wasted !

Pujya Raghunandangiri Maharaj a.k.a ‘Fakkad Baba’ looking after Sri Gangeshwar Shiva- Mandir located on a hill in Wagle Estate area, had to sacrifice his life on 2nd March. Pu. Fakkad Baba used to perform ‘puja’ at this historical temple with solemnity and preserved source of ‘chaitanya’ for Hindus. He had given up taking food to protest against demolition of the marquee erected outside the temple on the occasion of ‘Mahashivaratri’. The demolition was carried out by Forest Department. The Forest Department paid no attention to Pu. Fakkad Baba’s hunger strike; therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the department was, in a way, responsible for Pu. Fakkad Baba’s death. Post-independence, rulers from all parties have taken care to see that no mullah- maulavi or Christian bishop had to demand anything; but it is very shameful for Hindus that a Hindu Saint had to lose his life for one marquee of a temple. It is now duty of every Hindu to light the flame of ‘Dharma-jyot’ of his sacrifice, so that rulers will take a note.
Pu. Fakkad Baba’s spiritual practice !

Pu. FAkkad Baba’s age was 94 years. He had served Army and was posted to Assam Regiment. After serving in Army for some time, he adopted the path of spirituality for mental peace. He was initiated by Pu. Narsinhgiri Maharaj of Sri Panchnam Dasha-aakhaadaa and served him for 12 years. He came to Thane in 1959. Few ‘sadhus’ were staying near this ‘Shiva-linga’ at that time which was worshipped by even Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Pu. Fakkad Baba started staying there. Other ‘sadhus’ were killed one by one by people who used to illegally prepare liquor in jungles; but Pu. Fakkad Baba stayed there and continued ‘puja’ of that Shiva-linga. He carried on with his own ‘sadhana’ and started giving guidance to devotees going for ‘darshan’ of ‘Shiva-linga’. For ‘sadhus’ from ‘aakhaadaas’, this temple became a place of shelter.
Pu. Fakkad Baba’s successful fight against illicit liquor production !

Pu. Fakkad Baba started fighting against social miscreants involved in illicit production of liquor. Few social miscreants threatened to kill him while he fought against them and sometimes, they also beat him up. Once he was seriously injured in such beating; but was saved. He gave a written complaint to the then District Collector of Thane and illicit production of liquor was stopped permanently.
Hardships of Pu. Fakkad Baba and help extended by Nature !

With the initiative of Pu. Fakkad Baba, Shiva Mandir and Kalika Mandir were built there. He himself dug up a well which has water for all 12 months. Animals from nearby jungle also come here for water. He planted more than 100 saplings and looked after them. The trees have grown and there is greenery everywhere making the atmosphere very pleasant. He also built a ‘gou-shala’ and took care of 50-60 cows.
Ruthlessness of Forest Department !

In 1980, Forest Department noticed Pu. Fakkad Baba’s temple. He was issued a notice; but Pu. Fakkad Baba paid charges of Rs. 500/- and got all paperwork done along with allotment of Survey No. 521; but again in May 2013, Forest Department’s evil eye was cast on this Shiva Temple and it brought a squad of 500 persons to demolish the ‘kuti’, ‘gou-shala’, shed erected for keeping fodder, arc of Shiva Mandir and steps. Even a room used for keeping ‘prasad’ during festival was demolished with use of sledgehammer and gas cutters. Pu. Fakkad Baba was also beaten up as he opposed this action. During demolition, one calf died as wall fell on it. The action was taken by Forest Department in a very cruel manner. Hindus need to understand that Forest Department takes no action against illegal smuggling, wood cutting but takes prompt action over a marquee erected by Hindus.
Pu. Fakkad Baba, who lived his life with so much detachment, met unfortunate death !

From 1960, ‘Mahashivaratri’ festival started in Shiva-Mandir in the presence of Pu. Fakkad Baba and that went on till 2013; but this year, Forest Department took objection and destroyed the marquee erected for the festival. Considering last year’s bad experience, Pu. Fakkad baba decided to go on hunger strike in lawful manner; but Forest Department paid no attention and Pu. Fakkad Baba, who has been leading very detached life all these years, had to sacrifice his life.
Encroachments by fanatics have political support !

On the other hand, in this same jungle, there is an old durgah of ‘Mama-Bhanja’ which has support of the rulers. In 1980, the durgah was also issued notice. No government officer, however, went to that place after they paid rent and got necessary papers. In fact, water and power is given free for festivals celebrated in this durgah. On every ‘Sharad-Pournima’, ‘Urus’ is held during which big tents are erected and more than 150 goats are slaughtered. The area glitters with lot of lights and aroma of fragrance spread everywhere. They have support of Wakf Board and thousands of Fanatics visit this place.
Forest Department allows glorification of Afzal Khan’s tomb disregarding Supreme Court’s orders !

Any kind of encroachment or construction is illegal on forest land. Even then, Fanatics have occupied 1 acre of land at the foothill of Pratapgad for glorifying tomb of Afzal Khan who was an enemy of Hindvi Swaraj. Construction of 13 rooms has been carried out on this land and pro-Hindu activists are fighting against the same in every possible manner. In Court battle, order was issued to demolish such unauthorized construction; but the Front-Government in State is paying no heed to that order which means that the Forest Department of the rulers, that disregards Supreme Court’s orders and overlooks illegal constructions of fanatics, does not allow a simple marquee erected by Hindus; moreover, the Government lets a Hindu Saint die who is staging agitation against such injustice in democratic manner !
Hindu-hatred of media !

Not a single local newspaper or electronic media has given news of Pu. Fakkad Baba’s agitation or his sacrificing life, even in one line. Had there been some Christian missionary or a Mullah in place of Pu. Fakkad Baba, the same media would have created havoc and the State Government would have accepted all their demands. Today, leaders like Jitendra Avhad are staging agitations for regularizing irregular constructions and lot of publicity is given to it, indicating Hindu-hatred of media.
Rulers bow before fanatics !

All party rulers come together for regularizing unauthorized slums; permission is given to construct buildings in forest area after giving bribes. Rulers do not hesitate to break laws for legalizing unauthorized construction of mosques; but they are not ready to pay attention even when a Hindu Saint has passed away; in fact, nobody is bothered.
Sacrifice of Pu. Fakkad Baba will be source of inspiration for Hindus !

If such incident had occurred with a mullah, maulavi or missionary, its reactions would have been heard all over the world. Till now, Hindus were keeping away from such things as the ‘Kshatra-Tej’ in them was dormant; but Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has made a resolve to kindle ‘Kshatra-Tej’ amongst Hindus and Pu. Fakkad Baba’s sacrifice will work as a source of inspiration. Hindus, who have been awakened through various ‘Dharmajagruti Sabhas’ held so far, will not keep quiet. The State Government will have to give explanation for Pu. Fakkad Baba’s sacrifice. The reverberations of Pu. Fakkad Baba’s sacrifice will be heard even through ballot boxes. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti will not keep quiet till the Forset Department owns its sin of insulting Hindus’ Shiva-Mandir and one earnest Shiva-devotee. Wake up Hindus ! Join different agitations undertaken by HJS for protection of Hindu Dharma and shoulder your responsibility like ‘Dharma-veers’ in this sacred fire of creation of Hindu Rashtra !

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat