Let’s Get Deep Into The Past with Anti-Hindu Rajdeep Sardesai

1x1.trans Lets Get Deep Into The Past with Rajdeep SardesaiRajdeep Sardesai was slapped/manhandled in Madison Square on Sunday and the entire microblogging site Twitter immediately split into two halves – #RajdeepSlapped and #IStandWithRajdeep.

While, it does bring disgrace to the country when a senior journalist is manhandled in a far away nation by an Indian living abroad, even if the so called journalist is Rajdeep Sardesai ji – The man well-known for abusing selected politicians (whom he dislikes), provoking  netizens and painting the entire religious community (Hindus) as barbaric and uncivilized. 

He and his wife Sagarika Ghose over the years have used disgraceful terms for anybody and everybody. They called Lord Ram an encroacher, Dr. Abdul Kalam as Bomb Daddy and often addressed exPrime Minister Manmohan Singh as Blue Turban (Neeli Pagdi). Not to forget they address our country men as ‘Ugly Indian Males’. ‘Internet Hindus’ coined by Ghose was infamously used by the husband-wife duo on several ocassions.

In February 2014, Sardesai made a derogatory remark against Modi when he compared him to his dog out of nowhere. This was not the first time he did that. His wife earlier categorized Hindu and Modi with ‘corruption’ and ‘sleaze.’

Soon Roonie Screwwala alerted him on his stand,

And Mr. Sardesai got a an equally worst reaction for his bad tweet. Soon #YoRajdeepAntiNational started trending!!!

Sardesaiji then had to come up with a new tweet after seeing the Twitteratis rage

If you remember, Mr. Sardesai had once called Dawood as patriotic. Expect the tirade to continue till Rajdeep tries to glorify people like Dawood and pass derogatory comments on people’s favorite politician. But, when their action back bites them, they very well know how to play the “victim card”

Lastly, how can we miss his 2012 tweet which read something like this –

The war of Rajdeep Sardesai and the Internet Hindus along with the Ugly Indian Males (as they like to call) is not new. It has always been a two sided game. Twitter records show, Rajdeep and his wife as initiators at various instances. In fact, they have a history of using abusive language over the years as mentioned above –So who do we blame now???

Source: India Opines