Lone Ranger

Tapan Ghosh

A Lone Ranger Battles Bigotry

Someone forgot to put a sign here; a vivid, warning sign with a “skull and crossbones” figure signaling danger at every turn in the badlands bordering West Bengal and Bangladesh.  For, in these timeless Hindu lands and the lands of our fathers and forefathers, a virulent form of radical Islam has established its quarters breeding hatred, bigotry, intolerance and violence.  Women are raped, men are murdered, temples are razed, idols are desecrated, urdu is promoted, mission creep of sharia looms large and Hindus are once again on the run.

As dead hands of the dreaded partition riots rise up to strangle our future, the vote-hungry, heartless Government is all smiles.  They have earned another reprieve as the risk-averse Hindus would rather live like mice in their own kitchen, afraid to make any noise, than oppose the black flags of Islam belligerently poaching on their territory with the bandit’s creed of “might is right.”

Deganga is one such town in the skull-and-crossbones territory of North 24 Parganas.  In this town teeming with Bangladeshis, Hindus protested the building of a wall by Muslims that blocked the way to Durgabari.  The Muslims retaliated furiously.  On September 6th, 7th and 8th of 2010, the jihadi goons of a Trinamool MP, Haji Nurul Islam, went on a “maim and burn” rampage leaving hundreds of tortured Hindus, burnt and looted shops, several police jeeps set on fire, and desecrated temples.  Furthermore, the town witnessed the demonic audacity of one Moklukar Rehman to urinate on the idol of Goddess Kali.  History may well remember this appalling outrage and cook its revenge in the slow fire of Time.
In response to this soul numbing provocation, Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee’s toothless response did not quell the mayhem and the army had to be brought in.  However, he was very responsive to Muslim tirades against the editor of the Statesman and promptly arrested him. Complicit in all this, is a fawning media and its army of pompous intellectuals, who sit with their knives out when it comes to Babri Masjid, Batla House, Godhra or Modi, but remain quiet moral eunuchs when it comes to condemning acts of sacrilege even against the Goddess.

There is little doubt, that these forces of darkness are gathering ground and ensure a permanent demographic shift to Mughalistan, unless Hindus loosen the invisible fetters of their mind and choose the way of the Gita, “wickedness to the wicked.”  The least they can do is scan the horizon for men and women who choose to fight injustice and support them.  And if they do, they will see many flickering flames fighting the odds against an overwhelming arrogant Government, the silence of the cowed people, the vitriolic bias of the media, and the brutality of the enemy.

One such organization is Hindu Samhati.  Founded on February 14, 2008 by Tapan Ghosh, a larger than life crusader, with little more than 300 members, it has made its case against rampant atrocities against the Hindus.  In Deganga, their prompt arrival and broadcasting of news, helped in preventing rape of women, and provided moral, and legal support to victims and their families.  In no less than 50 places, Hindu Samhati has motivated Hindus to stand up and fight.  In Sonarpur-Rupnagar, they foiled the attempt by Indubhushan Bhattacharya of Trinamool Congress to raze the temple by organizing a powerful resistance.   Whether it is to prevent harassment of Hindu women during Saraswati Puja in Bagnan or building a mosque on Hindu land in Sankrail, or create awareness about seditious forces which advocate “Shariah is the only solution.  Throw out Indian constitution,” Tapan Ghosh is there like the lone ranger battling evil with all his will.

The discovery of a new voice that empowers the Hindu cause has not gone unnoticed.  Phyllis Chesler quotes Ghosh in a Fox News article:

“According to Ghosh, there has recently been a sharp increase in incidents of “Muslim rioting during Hindu festivals, destruction of Temples, desecration of Deities, and large-scale, provocative cow slaughter.” Worse: “Hundreds, thousands, of Hindu girls have been kidnapped, trafficked into sexual slavery, or taken as second or third wives for wealthy Muslim men. In recent years, Ghosh’s organization has rescued nearly 100 such girls, and one of his main missions has been to help reintegrate those survivors into their families and societies.”

However the politics of minorityism, like the heads of Ravan, pop up as soon as the Hindus gain a victory, however temporary.  The thugs of the Government could not stand threats to their precious vote-banks and tried every trick in the book to prevent Hindu Samhati from celebrating their fourth anniversary. Pandering to a loud, intolerant minority, they harassed the Samhati members to stop them from passing leaflets or putting up posters, stooping low enough to arrest an 82 year old activist, Ranjit Kar and slapping section 295A/298/120b Indian Penal code (conspiracy against the state, a non-bailable section) against him.  In addition, police and the administration put Tapan Ghosh under a microscope, combing through every aspect of Hindu Samhati.  They tried to deny permission for a meeting at Raja Subodh Mallik Square (Wellington Square).  In spite of all these speed bumps and road blocks, Hindu Samhati held a successful fourth anniversary with over 30,000 Hindus present. There would have been thousands more had not the police prevented them from attending. The strong rally became an eyesore to the craven politicians under the rule of the muslim mafia.  That night, February 14th, 2012 after the rally, Tapan Ghosh was arrested.  Public anger and Hindu solidarity has now become a force to contend with.  After three days, they released him and he came out stronger and so did the Hindus.

The battle, however, is far from over. The war for justice must go on day and night, rain or shine, not resting till our lands are safe and our Gods are venerated.  Even the stones that carry History would echo this with a proverbial truth, “a state can survive with disbelief but cannot survive with injustice.”