Longer Sanskrit News Bulletins on AIR and DD News

31365Petition Background (Preamble):

AIR and DD News in India have two five minute and one five minute Sanskrit news bulletins respectively. This is too short. We request AIR and DD to increase each Sanskrit news bulletins to at least fifteen minutes and have a special half-an-hour DD presentation every week, preferably on every Sunday.

The Sanskrit used by the Sanskrit bulletins is world class and understood by every one who knows at least one Indian language. Each news bulletin provides tremendous joy and education to each of its listeners. It is one news bulletin each and every Indian can watch together and enjoy.

To appreciate the beauty of the DD News bulletins please visit:

AIR News bulletins in text and audio are available at:

A recent brilliant half-an-hour special bulletin was telecast on 10 Aug 2014.
Sanskrit News, DD News10/08/2014 विशिष्ट संस्कृतवार्ताः
Special Sanskrit News Bulletin 10 Aug 2014 – Half an hour


(1) We the undersigned request AIR and DD news to increase the time of their Sanskrit news bulletins to fifteen minutes. 

(2) We also request DD News to have a half-an-hour Sanskrit special every week along the lines of the special bulletin it had on 10 Aug 2014 on the occasion of the Sanskrit Week 2014.

(3) We also request the change in the timings of Sanskrit news on DD so that it doesn’t clash with the news on AIR.

(4) We also request to provide an additional bulletin in the afternoon as part of the other regional news bulletins.

(5) We also request to make available in the public domain the text form of the news and if possible the lexicon that the Sanskrit Department of News Services Division, AIR is preparing.

(6) We also request that the Sanskrit news should also be broadcast on AIR FM channels.