Madras University reverberated with Bharat Mata ki Jai

Ambedkar’s socio-nationalism is the way to end honour Killings, Tarun Vijay

Tarun Vijay feliciatted

24th March 2016-Chennai

There can’t be any patriotism if it doesn’t take care of social justice and work to alleviate poverty. How can you teach religion or nationalism to empty stomach people? Asked Shri Tarun Vijay at a function organized in Madras University on “Dalits empowerment, Thirukural and Baba-saheb’s message of nationalism’. He said that Baba Saheb Ambedkar had spoken about social-nationalism that included ending social inequality and caste based discriminations. It’s a shame that in our society we still see honour killings and hatred on caste lines. Can we call ourselves civilised with such incidents like Shankaran and Kaushalya still happening”, he asked amidst the huge supportive voices of young students who had gathered there under the aegis of Political Science Department and Bharathi Study Circle of the ABVP.

Tarun Vijay Madras Uni sp

“Millions of poor people who do not have resources to have two square meals and a roof over their head must become our priority. India has got first Prime Minister in Narendra Modi who has set goals to eradicate poverty and empower Dalits economically in a never before manner. Unless we give economic freedom to the marginalised and deprived Dalit sections they can’t be empowered to contribute in the national progress, and the road to that goes via nationalism. If you love your country, then only you may have fraternal feelings for your fellow citizens and work for them. All your wealth, decorations, high positions are worthless if that are not used to elevate the living conditions of the marginalised people especially Dalits,” Tarun Vijay said.

Madras Uni reg welcoming Tarun Vijay

Those who spread hatred, create divisions in the society on caste and religion basis, and raise slogans against soldiers and the motherland  are anti-Ambedkar and anti-thesis of Thiruvalluvar. They show they can’t help poor and economically backwards, because road to economic freedom can’t pass through supporting enemies of the nation. They supported the British and sabotaged 1942 movement, supported India’s partition, and was arrested by Nehru for supporting China in 1962 war. CPI supported emergency in 1975 and work to wreck constitution through Maoists and Naxals, their ideological co-travellors. How can they tell us the meaning of freedom? In fact Rohith’s letter to CPM leader Yechury exposed the anti-davit mindset of the left which has not been answered by the pro-Afzal crowd, said Shri Tarun Vijay.

Tarun Vijay Madras Uni Holi

In a unique show of cultural camaraderie a Holi was also celebrated at the end of the programme in Madras University by the local students.

Shri Rahul Raja, Secretary Tamilnadu state ABVP, Prof Kennedy Stephan, Political  Science Department, Madras University organized the programme. Mr Ravindran, Campus Director, University of Madras welcomed Shri Tarun Vijay on behalf of the University.

Earlier Dr David Jawahar, Registrar of the University received Shri Tarun Vijay.

Source: Vishwa Samvad Kendra