Mangalore braces itself for Hindutva forces’ massive rally

1370953864_3Mangalore: The calm of the city is under strain as Hindutva activists in the city like Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Mangalore, etc are gearing up for a mass protest rally against what they term as the ‘anti-Hindu’ policies of the the Congress-led state government on Monday.

A protest rally will be taken out from Ambedkar Circle to deputy commissioner�s office on Monday, after which a protest meeting would be held there.

“Since it came to power, the Congress-led state government is disregarding the Hindu community and is implementing several anti-Hindu policies, including booking Hindutva leaders under Goonda Act. People should be made aware of the government�s anti-Hindu policies and reforms such as failure to implement the anti cow-slaughter bill, drafting the anti-superstition bill and booking Hindutva leaders under the Goonda Act. If the government fails to act on these issues following the protest, we will agitate further in an intense way.” said Jagadish Shenava, addressing a press conference here on Friday,

VHP members Jitendra Kottary and Shivanand Mendon were present.

It may be noted that several VHP activists and other Hindutva leaders have been accused and even arrested for several crimes, most prominent among them sexual harassment and physical violence against youngsters. There is a general discomfort regarding the saffron organizations among the public. Only a few days ago, the unit president of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Udupi, was arrested for sexually harassing two minor girls.

Source: SahilOnline