Mangaluru: ‘Ghar Wapsi’ at Konaje – Catholic family embraces Hinduism

Mangaluru, May 8: Muchilakody in Konaje here witnessed conversion of a Catholic family into Hinduism a la ‘Ghar Wapsi’.

It has come to light that five members of a Christian family turned Hindus in the presence of activists of some Hindu organizations on Wednesday May 6.

Saraswati, Rajesh (22), Raji (25), Rati (23) and Rakesh (18) were the members of the said family who opted to become Hindus.

Puja rituals were undertaken at the home of the family at Konaje on Wednesday in preparation for admitting the family into Hindu fold, in the presence of Sri Rajashekharananda Swamiji of Vajradehi Mutt Gurpur, and activists of Hindu organizations.

Raju, who happened to be a Christian, had loved and married his neighbour named Saraswati, who was a Hindu, about three decades ago, when living near Kollam, Kerala. Although Raju had promised to become a Hindu after marriage, it is said that he converted his wife into Christianity instead.

The family thereafter shifted base to Muchilakody near Konaje and Raju began working here. Two male and two female children of the family, who were born after the couple shifted to Muchilakody, attended churches and participated in Catholic religious programmes. Even after Raju breathed his last about nine years back, the family continued to attend church programmes.

Rajesh, son of Saraswati, said that the family members were attending the church for a few years after their father died, but the family had been continued to be identified as belonging to Christianity in the neighbourhood. “I have many friends in a number of HIndu organizations. We are identified as Billavas in many places, and the religious conversion had been conducted as per the volition of the family members. We were not forced to become Hindus by anyone, and we have opted to convert on our own in our own interests,” he explained.

After the rituals, a pedestal with Tulsi plant was installed in the courtyard of the family home, and picture of Hindu gods was placed inside the house.

It is learnt that Rajesh was in love with a Hindu girl from Ira in Bantwal taluk since several years, and the two had decided to marry as per Arya Samaj customs. When Rajesh and his elder sister had visited the house of the girl in Ira about one and half years back, some locals had assaulted them, charging them with trying to convert the girl into Christianity. A case had also been registered in Bantwal police station regarding this assault.