Mewat of Haryana becoming graveyard of Dalits :Justice Pawan Kumar

Gurugram, June 01, 2020. After investigating the atrocities on Dalits in Mewat ( Haryana ), Sh. Pawan Kumar (Chairman of the Investigation Team) , while addressing the journalists in Gurugram today said that Mewat of Haryana is becoming a graveyard of Dalits.  There is no difference between Pakistan and Mewat.  There are many such reports of women being forcibly abducted and raped in Mewat.

            Due to no action on these complaints for a long time, Dalits have started feeling that now they have to fight for their honou , their religion and to save their land, that’s why Shri Balmiki Mahasabha Haryana has decided that a 4 member high level inquiry committee should be constituted to bring the reality of Mewat before the government.

            Shri Pawan Kumar, Former Judge was announced as the chairman of the Enquiry Committee and Sultan Valmiki , (chairman Valmiki Mahapanchayat Haryana) ,  Shri Kanhaiya Lal Arya , ( Vice President Arya Pratinidhi Sabha Haryana ) and  Devdutt Sharma ,  ( President Bar Association Sohna ) were appointed as members of this investigation team.

            The 48 victims of the Dalit society were called, but the terror of the jihadis was such that only 19 people came to give information about the atrocities, their complaints were shocking and surprising.
            The incidents of molesting school going girls and women take place all over Mewat , due to which it has become difficult for them to go to school. A 12-year-old girl was raped by 4 Muslims and the house where the rape took place was one of the Muslim policeman. Even after a year, there has been no action on that policeman till date. In Ferozpur Namak, 9 muslims gangraped a woman after forcebly abducting for several days. Due to no action of her complaint, the accused killed that woman four days later.

            Shri Pawan Kumar said that more than two hundred instances of forced conversion have come to light, but due to no action in any case, pressure is being built-up on the families of the converted persons to get converted.

            Their cremation grounds are being encroached in many places. The dalits were abducted and assaulted by the Muslims, attack on dalits asking for refund of  borrowings by the muslims have become a common occurrence.

            In Bichhor village, Ramjilal was first tortured , stabbed to death and then his body was also partially burnt . Even after the FIR lodged with name , the police declared that the victim died due to thunder lightning to close the case. His family was in such a panic that they have left the village permanently due to fear of Jihadis.

            Many a times when Dalits are engaged in their family marriages, they are attacked and looted. Many attempts have been made to forcibly abduct the bride on the day of marriage.

            The conclusion of this inquiry committee is that atrocities on Dalits can only be done by the help/ support of administration and police. At first, even the complaints of Dalits are not registered, if FIR is registered after many efforts then police pressurize the victims, forced them to compromise and they are also threatened to be framed in false cases.

            Unfortunately, the pseudo-secular supporters who raise the voice for Dalits anywhere in the country, keep silent on such inhuman atrocities on Dalits by Muslims. Why the Dalit organizations, which have been encouraging Dalit Muslim unity to gain political mileage, have not yet come to wipe out the tears of these Dalits. Why do any politician of any political party have not come to help the dalits despite repeated complaints of these atrocities?

            After the visit of inquiry committee in Mewat, the dalit people got encouraged to speak the truth. Now dalit people also seems to have decided to raise their voice against the atrocities and to fight against the Jihadis.

            Chairman of the committee, Justice (Retd.) Pawan Kumar also said that this report will be sent to the Honourable chief minister Haryana, to the chairman scheduled castes commission of India and the Honourable Home minister of India so that justice is delivered at the earliest and rule of law can be established in Mewat.


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