Migrant Pak Hindu professionals request WORK ASSIGNMENT/JOBS in Corporate sector in India.


We want to draw your kind attention to plight of migrant pak Hindu professionals & their children who got professional qualification in India. Private sector enterprise has BIG influence in business & corporate world of India .Corporate world s’ crucial support at right time can change the lives of whole family & generation. They have already made their submission before Honourable Joint Parliamentary Committee.

As you already know that Sir, the conditions in Sindh Pakistan are very terrific & horrible for Hindus. Religious persecution & extremism is at its peak. Their honour & life is at stake. Forcefully religious conversion to Islam is rampant. Girls are kidnapped & kept as slaves. Rape & murder of Hindus has become routine.Due to all this , they have migrated to India to save their religion, belief & family.

After coming to India , they worked hard to educate their children . These migrant students studied with local students & got professional qualifications in India with flying colours. These migrant students have become Engineers, Pharmacists, Chartered Accountants ,Management graduates, Doctors etc.

They have been facing discrimination & NO ENTRY in private sector jobs due to their origin from PAKISTAN. Due to some misleading media reports & insufficient knowledge about migrant Hindus, there is negative perception .Private sector companies has negative image in terms of any word associated with Pakistan. H.R. deptt. do not want to employ Pakistani origin candidates due to fear & insecurity.

Lady Dr.Bai narrated the stories of women professionals , who have migrated to India. She told that many women were working there as Doctors, Professors & Pharmacists on very good post & pay ,even some with Govt. On migration all have gone. Due to not having Indian citizenship , can not apply for Govt. jobs, but private companies are reluctant to employ them, because of negative perception associated with PAKISTAN.

Young engineer Bhavesh Kumar who has migrated to India , some 5 years ago has passed B.Tech from Gujarat Technological University Ahmedabad. He has got placement in very reputed company of India . His job offer was cancelled ,when he can not produce the Indian citizenship certificate. His citizenship will take another 4-5 years and his cream career years will be spoiled.

One Kumar is Chartered Accountant migrated to India 4 years ago. He passed the C.A. exam in first attempt & with more than 65% marks. His job in nationalized bank hit a roadblock due to non having Indian citizenship. He has applied for job in many pvt. Sector companies. After clearing all written exam & interview , he get one common reply ,” sorry Pakistani national. “


These migrant Hindus have been given permission by Govt. of India to stay in India for permanent settlement. They are here in India with legal papers & documents & Govt. of India will give them Indian citizenship on completion of due process. They will never return to Pakistan They are authorized to work in India & Govt. of India has issued them valid legal documents .

They are not aliens to India & their other relatives have been living in India for centuries.. Along with Professional qualifications, expertise, many of other qualities of migrant professionals are as follows:-

1) Diversity (they know other market, languages & culture along with Indian market.)

2) Long Term basis (they will join company on long term basis)

3) Loyalty (they will stick loyal to co., due to family responsibilities)

4) Focused (will focus to WORK, due to new environment)

5) Guarantee (Can submit personal guarantee of local Indian relatives)

Migrant pak Hindu professionals request big Corporate houses like Reliance, Tata, Birla, Hinduja , Godrej , Mahindra ,Britannia , Adani, Yes Bank, HDFC Bank ,Infosys Torrent, Bajaj, Crisil, Cadila, Sun Pharma & many other to come forward & employ minimum 2-4 candidates as per their qualification .

Apart from this , we would request business associations like FICCI, CII, PHDCCI, GCCI, HEF to take initiative in employing migrant Hindu professionals in their organizations or member corporate.

This Big companies & business organisations gesture will give confidence to other private sector companies to give jobs/ work assignments to migrant Pak Hindu professionals . This way negative image with respect to pak Hindu professionals will be diminished & these young , energetic , competent professionals can work for development of company & country.

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)