Minor student of Chengail primary school brutally molested

Bail of culprit creates uproar
As Shilpi (name changed) was talking to this scribe, she was just shivering while her eyes were moistened as well – perhaps this was due to her bleak future following instruction of her parents that she would not attend the school where she was happy till the morning of July 25, 2013. Shilpi of age 14 is a student of Class IV at Chengail Kiran Sashi Siksha Mandir where she was brutally molested at 10.30 am on the same day by Mohammad Lalbabu Munshi, son of Rashid Munshi and living in a village of Chengail, P.S. Uluberia. District: Howrah.
It has been learnt, Mohammad Lalbabu Munshi went to the school at 10.20 am on last Thursday (July 25) alleging that his son is also a student of the same school. On the fateful morning, Shilpi went to the school with her sister earlier and the culprit, exploiting absence students then, went to the classroom directly, asked Shilpi to take care of his son. When Shilpi agreed, he took her into the classroom forcefully and molested by touching her private parts. Once Shilpi burst into tears and also seeing teachers entering the school premises, Lalbabu fled. Later Shilpi narrated the ghastly experience to her school friends viz. Neha Khatun, Hafiza Khatun And Khusbu Khatun and went to the room of Dilip Pramanik, Teacher-in-Charge.
Attitude of Shilpi made Mr. Pramanik smell a rat and due to his insistence, the whole story was narrated to him. Without wasting time, he phoned Bashu Pandit – Councilor of Samuipara of Uluberia Municipality.  Bashu reached the school the school within a few minutes and apprehending intensity of the development, they contacted the local police station of Uluberia. They were called by the police to lodge an official complaint; Mr. Pramanik went there along with Shilpi and her father, Uttam (name changed) living in village:. Khalisani (Purbapara), P.S. Uluberia. Meanwhile, the police team entered the school premises and based on accounts of Neha, Hafiza and Khusbu, arrested Mohammad Lalbabu Munshi of age 38 years.
An FIR (620 dated 27/07/2013 under sections 354A IPC) was lodged by Shilpi’s father but Mohammad Lalbabu Munshi was bailed out on the next day allegedly under pressure from powerful quarter. He has been seen to roam freely in the area and more confidently than before.
The bail of Mohammad Lalbabu has shocked Shilpi’s family and hence, at present they are in a trauma almost. Bail has also appalled other guardians in the school, especially of Khusbu, Hafiza and Neha. Guardians are escorting their wards to the school daily sacrificing their own professions.
The bail has created a furor in the neighborhood.