Minority Hindus in danger in Kashmir valley & Malappuram: Subramanian Swamy, BJP

New Delhi:  Fire-brand BJP leader Subramanian Swamy  that a Hindu majority in the country is a requisite for maintaining “democracy” and “secularism”.

Subramanian Swamy

Speaking at the Virat Hindu Mahasabha to mark the VHP’s golden jubilee in the national capital, “we want Hindus to remain in majority…only then there will be democracy.”

Attacking Muslims with his speech, he said: “Wherever Muslims are in majority there is no democracy and secularism.”

“Whenever Muslims are in majority whether it’s the Kashmir ghati or Malappuram in Kerala – there is no democracy or secularism. Hindus are in danger in such places,” he said.

He stressed that Hindus shouldn’t let their population fall below 80%.

Source: www.abplive.in