Misconceptions about Sanatan Hindu Dharma: Dilip Mehta




No. 1 Tolerance

Sanatan Dharma never said to tolerate any kind of attack or insult to our Dharma, our Dharmacharyas or our traditions etc. We have enough examples in our Puranas which demonstrate this. We ignore to learn from these due to our myopic views. In Srimad Bhagavata, Bhagvan Shri Krishna warned Shishupal that he will forgive him to a certain limit but not anymore after that. When he crossed the limit he was killed by Shri Krishna. Shishupal's case was of just verbal abuse and not of any other heinous crime.  60000 sons of  King Sagara of Ishvaku Dynasty went and disturbed Kapil Muni’s tapas, they were burnt to death by Kapila Muni by his tapas shakti. It took so much effort by their successor Bhagiratha to bring River Ganga on to earth to perform their shradha. Whenever there was difficult task, we used to call Bhagirath task. Now out of inferiority complex we call Herculean task, without knowing who Hercules was. King Parikshit of the Kuru Dynasty was cursed by Muni Shringi of death by snake bite in seven days because he garlanded his father, Muni Shamika with a dead snake while he was doing tapas. In those seven days Shukdevaji narrated entire Bhagvata to King Parikshit without tabla, harmonium, without singing and joking. After which King Parikshit was bit by Takshaka to death.There are so many examples like these.

No. 2 All religions are same and we accept all.

Ours is not religion, it is Dharma. Religions are a system of rigid beliefs. No questions can be asked and questioning can lead to punishment as prescribed in the religion itself. Sanatan Dharma never said that all are same. There was no religion when various Veda and upanishasds of our Dharma were composed. So is it absolutely baseless to compare things which are fundamentally and principally different. We are told that Sri Ramakrishna Paramhans tried all religions and proved that they are all same. This is another twisting of facts. According to Shri Ram Swaroop, he tried and gave up saying that they are demonic. Even though if he said that one can achieve high spiritual status through Christianity and Islam, it is logically false. Ramakrishna achieved high status through Sanatan Dharma and only through Sanatan Dharma. To give credit to others he has to go back to his that stage where he didn’t know anything about Sanatan Dharma. From that stage if he claims to have achieved high status through Christianity or Islam we can agree. I asked the followers of Ramakrishna a simple question ‘If Ramakrishna would have practiced other religions from childhood without knowledge of Hindu dharma, do you think he would have achieved high status?’ The emphatic reply was No.

No. 3 Sarva Dharma Samabhav

This another phrase that has be used to suit narratives by the so called "learned people" to begin with it is a nonsensical concept developed in the post independent India. By current definition of Sarva dharma samabhava, you are supposed to treat intolerant and bigoted religions on par with tolerant and pluralistic ones. Thereby disadvantaging the tolerant ones and emboldening intolerant ones. This equates religion with dharma, which is like comparing apples and oranges. And there is this inherent lack of any basis of such equality. Bhagvan Krishna says this in Geeta. But this is for Varna Dharma. Samabhav for all varnas. Obviously there were none of the current religions at that time. In 12 th  chapter Bhagvan says to have samabhav to enemy and friend means the same feeling but not the same dealing. Would a justice system treat a criminal and an innocent equally? No. Dealing has to be different. Some years ago I met Swami Amritanand from Vadodra. He said “You have mother, sister and wife in your house.  You have same feeling for all, but dealing has to different, you cannot have the same relationship with you wife, mother and sister. So dealing has to be different.”

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